Maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0: How AI and Data Driven strategies increase machine performance

The advantages of using Industrial IoT technologies in the maintenance field

Industry 4.0 solutions allow the adoption of predictive maintenance techniques: but what are its real benefits for companies?

Our white paper describes how, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, companies can adopt predictive maintenance techniques allowing them to embark on a complete digitization 4.0 journey.

The Vitesco case study describes how it was possible to implement the Zerynth Platform giving excellent results in terms of reducing machine downtime and predicting pneumatic valve malfunctions within 24 hours.

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Adopting IoT technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms allows the implementation of Maintenance 4.0 techniques thanks to the analysis of the main production KPIs.

Using it lets you save necessary resources, schedule machine downtime, and optimize production planning.

White paper index:

  • Predictive maintenance: Growing interest in industry
  • The importance of being Data Driven
  • Artificial Intelligence and predictive maintenance
  • How an AI algorithm works
  • The role of AI in Smart Operations
  • How to implement a maintenance 4.0 strategy
  • A real-world case: the experience at Vitesco