The joining of artificial intelligence and Industrial IoT technologies allows you to optimize production and increase the productivity of your industrial processes.

The Zerynth platform is an effective plug-and-play safe solution for companies that want to embark on the 4.0 digitization process.

Efficiently taking advantage of Industrial IoT AI technologies for your production processes allows you to keep the main production KPIs of your plant under control, reduce operating costs, and obtain precise trend analysis over time with related statistics.

By enabling artificial intelligence on IoT technologies, you are taking the analysis of extracted data to a higher level, allowing for more solid decision-making processes in all industrial sectors, from manufacturing to automotive, from plastics to engineering.

IoT technologies for Italian SMEs

Countries like Italy, with a long manufacturing and industrial tradition, are now facing an unprecedented economic and environmental crisis. The transition to Industry 4.0 presents a solution to various business needs. Businesses are now able to monitor production costs and consumption of their machinery that is still functioning, but not fully performing.

In fact, Italy is still lagging behind the major players in the European market in terms of innovation. There is still a lot of room to invest in R&D by cross-cutting teaching with digital skills and innovation.

Industrial IoT solutions are the means for implementing technological improvement and innovation actions, delivering continuous improvement for production optimization, and reducing operating costs and energy consumption.

Industrial machinery 4.0

Zerynth’s products are aimed at production managers within diverse industrial plants   ranging from the engineering sector to plastics or waste products.

Before delving deeper into the description of the Zerynth Industrial IoT AI Platform and understanding its operation, it is essential to summarize and classify the types of machinery and related demands within a factory:

  • Service machines

These machines are dedicated to keeping the parameters of a process constant. They are not involved in the production phases, but they are essential for proper plant functioning. The interconnection of machinery allows energy consumption monitoring, cost reduction, maximizing uptime, optimizing production and managing predictive maintenance.

  • Production machines

Conversely, any machinery involved in production needs to monitor production progress and analyze productivity, and correlate costs and consumption. In this context, calculating the OEE value allows industries to obtain a precise value on the quality/availability and performance of their machinery, thus, offering everyone the most appropriate tools to implement the best optimization strategies.

Having a clear division between the different types of machinery present in your plants allows you to obtain a precise view of the needs of each area on ​​the shop floor. Thanks to Industrial IoT technologies it is possible to identify the characteristics of each machine in a simple and immediate way and to know how and where to intervene.

The IoT Machine Insights solution

The Zerynth Industrial IoT APP, can be implemented step-by-step to support any digital transformation path.

In the last blog post we described, in detail, the Machine Monitoring App and its uses for monitoring production and energy consumption. In this article we will drill down into the Machine Insights, both in terms of the overall vision and its machine details.

While the Machine Monitoring App is particularly effective at enabling intelligent monitoring on service machinery, Machine Insights is the ideal tool that supports operators and managers in the management of production machinery. To this extent, maximum quality, performance, and use are guaranteed. As an example, by increasing the OEE, the main objective of any continuous improvement plan is achieved.

Overall view monitoring

In the factory overview, the monitoring dashboard allows you to show all the main data and KPIs of the factory operation, both for each floor of the plant and at different factories. The data can, in fact, be integrated to include different machines, then show, in a higher aggregation level, the overall trend.

Therefore, it is easy to observe, for example, if an investment or a strategy is actually succeeding. Furthermore, the direct correlation between what happens at the machine level makes it possible to identify costs and consumption, trends, and analyzes over time.

Figure 1. Aggregated view of production

Figure 1 shows the aggregate view of production data with the “Productivity” view, based on consumption and production costs of the machinery. The header shows data relating to consumption and costs with indications on the maximum yield and the production process being undertaken, while the yield value identifies the profit in the entire factory. Finally, the global distribution of consumption is indicated based on the machine status and its type (whether a service machine or a production machine).

On each line of the overview, on the other hand, the production machinery in the plant and the related data on machine status, costs, consumption and productivity are indicated. Furthermore, navigation on the dashboard makes it possible to switch from the overview to the detail view, with a few clicks in an easy and immediate way.

Single machine view

The single machine view allows you to monitor the operation of each single industrial asset in your factory in real time. The main KPIs considered concern machine status, production cost, and energy consumption, with trends and statistics over time, based on the set time range.

Calculating the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a productivity index, is also fundamental: how much the current production strategy allows you to exploit the potential of your machine to the maximum, with insights and production costs.

In this way, it is possible to obtain data on the quality of the pieces, how many have been produced correctly, with respect to the specifications and parameters set, how many are defective, and which are “potential” compared to the production of previous days.

Efficient production Zerynth

Figure 2. Machine Insights machine detail

The Zerynth Industrial IoT AI APP

Being able to monitor your industrial machinery in real time, remotely allows you to obtain a precise view of processing times, machinery status, and total consumption. Making strategic decisions is immediate and easier to monitor.

Optimizing production processes, thanks to the integrated use of Industrial IoT and artificial intelligence solutions, is essential in order to improve the performance of your machinery and obtain satisfactory results in terms of making your shop floor more efficient.

Download our new white paper to learn more about the role Industry 4.0 plays in the digitization processes and why it represents an opportunity for Italian manufacturing companies.

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