Optimizing and monitoring of your factory’s energy consumption is among the most effective energy production efficiency solutions for reducing costs.

Thanks to its ability to monitor energy consumption in real-time, IoT has become an essential ally in reducing energy waste and cutting production costs within industries.

How does the Zerynth Platform work? What advantages does this technology offer for energy production efficiency consumption monitoring? Let’s explore them together!

The energy crisis of Italian businesses

Energy is one of the most important resources for the operation of any economic activity, including businesses. In recent years, many Italian businesses have been confronted with the challenges of increasing energy production efficiency costs and price instability. This has resulted in rising production costs, reducing the competitiveness of these businesses in the international market and prompting them to seek energy efficiency solutions.

The energy crisis in Italian manufacturing businesses has affected multiple aspects of production, significantly impacting the financial side:

  • Increasing electricity costs
  • Reduction of incentives for renewable energy sources
  • Introduction of new energy taxes
  • Rising oil prices

Furthermore, businesses are facing increasing pressure from consumers and environmental organizations to reduce their carbon emissions and adopt sustainable policies.

Monitoring energy production efficiency and electricity consumption

In response to the energy crisis, many companies are embracing energy production efficiency solutions. Among the most effective solutions is the monitoring of energy and electricity consumption within your business in order to identify energy inefficiencies and waste, thus reducing energy costs.

The monitoring of energy and electricity consumption is a fundamental process for the energy production efficiency of companies. By monitoring energy consumption, companies can identify the most relevant sources of consumption, detect consumption peaks and waste, and uncover inefficiencies within their energy system. This allows companies to identify areas for improvement and to adopt measures to reduce energy consumption, improving energy production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Electricity consumption refers to the amount of electricity used by a business, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Conversely, energy consumption includes both electricity usage and the consumption of other energy sources, such as natural gas, diesel, coal, and more. Measuring energy consumption, therefore, means taking into consideration the use of all energy sources within the business operations, extending beyond electricity alone.

For example, if a company has adopted an LED lighting system to reduce energy consumption, the monitoring of energy consumption will make it possible to verify whether the adoption of this solution has indeed led to overall energy savings, taking into account all energy sources used within its operations. This way, companies can obtain a holistic view of their energy efficiency and evaluate the economic convenience of the solutions implemented.

Zerynth Platform solution for energy efficiency

Industrial IoT is one of the most innovative and effective solutions for monitoring energy production efficiency and electricity consumption. IoT technology, or Internet of Things, allows you to connect different electronic devices to each other, making them interconnected and able to exchange information in real time. The IoT can be used to monitor a factory’s energy and electricity consumption by installing smart sensors and collecting real-time data.

The Zerynth Platform solution offers a comprehensive and integrated IoT system that allows businesses to monitor energy and electricity consumption within their factory, to collect and analyze energy data in real time, providing valuable information for enhancing energy efficiency.

The Machine Monitoring App (Fig1) offers a detailed view of machine-specific information, including the current status of a machine, costs and total consumption for each type of machine (both service and production), over time and for aggregated data.

Fig 1. Machine Monitoring App – Cost and consumption monitoring

In the case of switchboards, on the other hand, the data relating to each electric line is shown by current power, cost, consumption and phase imbalance for each line.

By leveraging the Zerynth solution, companies can effortlessly obtain a comprehensive view of their energy consumption, improving their energy planning and management capabilities. This way, they can take proactive measures, anticipating energy price fluctuations and regulatory changes, ultimately improving their competitiveness in the market.

Armal: slashing energy costs by 40%

A concrete example of success for energy efficiency is represented by the Armal case study, an Italian company that produces portable toilets. Armal has adopted the Zerynth Platform solution to monitor the energy consumption of its factory, achieving extraordinary results. Thanks to the implementation of IoT and real-time data collection, Armal has reduced energy costs by 40%, significantly enhancing its competitiveness in the international market.

In conclusion, monitoring energy and electricity consumption is an effective solution for enhancing the energy efficiency of Italian companies. The Zerynth Platform empowers businesses  by providing valuable information to reduce energy costs and improve competitiveness. Armal’s example demonstrates how energy production efficiency proves to be an  investment that pays off, benefiting  both the company’s energy efficiency and environmental sustainability endeavors.

Register for our webinar on May 31st at 17:00 – Discover Zerynth Platform, where we will explain how, thanks to this solution, it is possible to extract data – machine status, absorbed power, costs and total consumption for the production of each machine and switchboard in your factory – to make strategic decisions and  support the optimization of your company’s energy processes.

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