The world of IoT is in constant evolution, and Zerynth is always at the forefront of embracing digital transformation for businesses. The rebranding journey we’ve embarked on is our way of communicating who we are today and who we aim to be in the future.

Discover the new Zerynth brand, the reasons behind this transformation, and the subtle yet significant changes in our visual representation.

Zerynth as the IoT Reference Point in Italy

Zerynth aspires to become the reference point for companies looking to digitize their production processes, making new IoT and AI technologies easily accessible and facilitating their integration into corporate infrastructures.

One of the primary objectives of this rebranding is to narrate Zerynth’s story in a distinctive manner, with the aim of being recognized not only as a reliable and competent partner in the IoT world but also as an innovative, dynamic, and proactive company ready to support businesses in their growth.

Supporting Business Growth

Rebranding signifies Zerynth’s commitment to supporting business growth through IoT and AI solutions, with a focus on delivering concrete results. Zerynth is determined to lead companies in their Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey.

Trust is fundamental in the IoT sector, and Zerynth aims to increase it. The new identity of the Zerynth brand symbolizes commitment and competence, inviting customers and partners to share the company’s vision and embark together on a journey toward innovation.

Enhancing our communication and visual impact means revamping the way the world perceives us. They say an image speaks a thousand words. Our renewed style, font, color palette, logo, and graphic elements will serve as a visual testament to Zerynth’s identity and our promise of constant innovation.

Communicating Values Through the Brand

Zerynth has clearly defined the fundamental values it intends to convey through its brand:

  • Concreteness: Zerynth is result-oriented and committed to guiding companies on their digital transformation journey.
  • Competence: Zerynth’s competence means adaptability to different contexts, continuous improvement, and staying at the forefront of new ideas and emerging technologies.
  • Customer Focus: The company aims to offer dynamic products tailored to customer needs, capable of adapting to market changes.
  • Innovation: Zerynth is committed to remaining at the cutting edge  of the latest technologies, streamlining and simplifying business processes.

The Symbol of Change: Zerynthia

Imagine the “Z” of Zerynth as the wings of a butterfly named “Zerynthia.” These wings open outward, encompassing everything Zerynth has been so far and taking flight toward the future.

This rebranding is our way of embracing our history and looking forward with enthusiasm. It represents our commitment to being your trusted partner in digital transformation, offering concrete solutions, evolving competence, customer focus, and constant innovation.


Figure 1: Old Logo vs New Logo

Visit the new website to explore the Zerynth brand’s image!

The revamped Zerynth website reflects the company’s new strategic positioning, expressing professionalism and competence and conveying our values and solutions more accurately and impactfully.

What are you waiting for? Visit the website to discover more!

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About the Author: Emanuela Cecchetti

Emanuela Cecchetti
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