The world is currently in the midst of a climate crisis. A crisis that has been caused by energy production that emits greenhouse gases. More precisely, 87% of greenhouse gas emissions come from energy production.

One of the problems we cannot change is the existing energy sources that we currently use for something more sustainable, quickly. The transition that is happening, is happening too slowly.

In this post, we will focus on industrial environments and the ways in which energy consumption can be reduced there.

Energy consumption by industry

Different industries have different energy consumption parameters, but right now, most energy is consumed in:

  • Chemical production
  • Mining
  • Petroleum refining
  • Steel production
  • Paper manufacturing

As a comparison, when it comes to the type of energy that is being used for industry, this sector uses more coal, which is a fossil fuel, than any other type of fuel, thereby consuming 64.4 quadrillion British thermal units in 2020.

One solution: diversifying energy sources

One intelligent way to ensure constant energy production is to diversify the energy sources that are being used. This is true for both the economy of a country as well as for the economy of industrial companies.

Energy disruptions can mean a great loss in profits, especially in the industrial manufacturing sector. So, insulating production from these kinds of setbacks is crucial.

Reducing energy consumption with proper monitoring

One of the fastest ways to reduce energy consumption is proper monitoring.


Once a company can collect and analyze all the information of where, when, and how energy is being used, they can easily start eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Sometimes unexpected aspects of a factory floor’s operations can be reduced, like lighting, and excessive air conditioning.

Once enough data has been collected, and the current level of energy use is established, the plant can see the energy consumption patterns, decide where cuts need to be made, and do this with precision.

Join our webinar – learn how to optimize energy efficiency in factories

If you would like to learn more about optimizing energy efficiency within industrial settings, register for our webinar coming up on February 24th.

You will find out how Armal’s IoT monitoring system of their production line has made it possible to reduce the energy costs of machinery by 40%, thus, recovering their investment in just 4 months, thanks to the Zerynth Industrial IoT Platform.

Note: this webinar is in Italian.

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