Industrial IoT technologies can support the overall improvement of industry productivity, from optimizing machine performance to managing operating modes for process safety.

Machine monitoring, which has long been associated with the concept of Industry 4.0, is now broadening and extending its application scenarios, leading to more and more advantages.

Today, purpose-built Industrial IoT solutions can support companies in implementing strategies and taking actions aimed at enhancing workplace safety.

How can IoT support workplace safety

The potential offered by the adoption of technologies enabling Industry 4.0 makes it possible to establish a two-way connection between the physical world (machinery in the field) and the virtual one (software for analyzing and processing the extracted data).

By leveraging advanced sensors and evolving technologies, problems can be detected and addressed before they can cause damage to people or property, enabling fault prevention and safe downtime management.

As a result, companies are able to dynamically and automatically visualize all information related to their machinery’s operation, receiving real-time alerts in case of critical situations. The main objective is to ensure employee safety, while minimizing the occurrence of accidents through in-depth analysis of safety-monitored data.

Sectors such as the stone industry have benefited greatly from technological progress and digitization. This has led to greater sustainability, competitiveness and safety in the workplace.

Modern machinery is becoming more sophisticated and meets the highest requirements for economic and environmental sustainability. Quarries today focus on minimizing the use of water resources, controlling energy consumption and reducing safety risks.

 Marble block squaring Machine

Fig 1 Marble block squaring Machine

A real-life case: the Mega Diamant project

Mega Diamant, a leading manufacturer of diamond tools, adopted Zerynth’s Industrial IoT solution to prevent sudden cable breakage due to overuse. To achieve this, it was necessary to:

  • Identify the cable in use on the machine
  • Quantify the hours of cable usage in order to assess its level of wear and tear.

The monitoring system adapts to different cutting machines, detecting their usage hours and, if necessary, alerting if usage thresholds are exceeded. It also monitors important parameters such as energy consumption and flywheel speed.

Cable identification leverages RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) technology with one passive RFID tag per cable and one reader per machine. The system has cellular connectivity for independence from local connections that may not always be available at the cutting stations.

The whole system has been organized within an external box that can be installed as an add-on for any cutting machine.

Graphical representation of the system organized within an external switchboard

Fig 2 Graphical representation of the system organized within an external switchboard

Graphical representation of the system organized within an external switchboard

Fig 3 Graphical representation of the system organized within an external switchboard

The Zerynth Solution for Mega Diamant

The Zerynth solution designed for Mega Diamant makes it possible to predict failures and ensure maximum product safety through real-time and continuous (24/7) monitoring of diamond wire performance, resulting in a 30%saving  on service and overhaul times.

Dashboard Zerynth Platform x Mega Diamant

Fig 4 Dashboard Zerynth Platform x Mega Diamant

Dashboard Zerynth Platform x Mega Diamant

Fig 5 Dashboard Zerynth Platform x Mega Diamant

If you’re interested in the complete story of Mega Diamant and the benefits achieved with Zerynth, you can delve into the full case study.

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