Industrial IoT technologies make it possible to identify the best strategies to achieve production efficiency, enabling companies to have complete visibility over their factory. How?

By industrial production efficiency, we mean the ability of a company to produce goods (or services) at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the desired quality of the end product.

IoT technology makes it possible to monitor asset performance and detect problems before they happen, thus helping companies avoid unplanned downtime and maintain optimal equipment performance. Read on to find out how!

Why do we talk about effectiveness and efficiency?

Effectiveness is the ability of the process to meet customer requirements, both in terms of product quality and production timing.

Efficiency is the ability of the process to operate by optimizing available resources, such as time and materials. The aim is to reduce waste due to rejects or errors and to optimize shifts and workforce, enabling industrial production efficiency.

It is necessary to gain complete factory visibility to enable manufacturing companies to be efficient and effective. The most advanced companies already use production planning and control software, but many others still need to adopt advanced systems.

Complete factory visibility: how to achieve it?

One of the practices required to achieve full production effectiveness is order tracking, i.e., the recording and monitoring production from the raw material purchasing phase to the delivery of the product to the customer.

This enables companies to identify and solve any problems in the production process. The technologies that companies can use are:

  • production management software
  • barcodes and RFID
  • quality control systems

These systems allow companies more control and the possibility of early intervention in production processes, greater efficiency, and reduced overall production costs, resulting in more industrial production efficiency.

Industrial production efficiency: advantages and benefits of IoT technology

A clear picture of what your machinery is doing at any production stage is crucial to gaining complete visibility of your production processes and achieving industrial production efficiency. But what are the main advantages and benefits? Let’s look at them together.

Real-time access to production line information 

Thanks to IoT technologies, production personnel know exactly what is happening on the line at a specific time, allowing them to respond more quickly to any problems.

Reducing production costs

Manually noting what is happening in real-time in production takes up much time and resources. Using digital systems saves resources, thus reducing production costs.

Timely support and maintenance management

IoT technologies and control systems can connect the different departments within the factory, simplifying communication and intervention.

Continuous improvement of production processes

Having real-time and remote access to production data enables managers to make appropriate and strategic decisions to improve production processes.

Tracking production orders

Its implementation enables companies to improve the quality and effectiveness of production. Tracking production orders helps companies identify and solve inefficiencies or problems in the production process.

All these benefits can be summarized in the achievement for companies of industrial production efficiency and complete visibility over production processes.

Industrial production efficiency: the Zerynth solution

Due to rising costs and resource constraints, we have already learned how necessary it is to find solutions for industrial production efficiency. The Zerynth solution is quick and easy to implement, flexible and secure, and able to adapt to the needs of businesses.

Using Zerynth’s Industrial IoT & AI platform allows for monitoring machinery operation remotely, increasing productivity, reducing energy costs, decreasing downtime, and cutting maintenance costs.

But how is this possible? Read our article to find out more!

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