In the world of manufacturing industry, effective management of industrial plant machinery maintenance is essential to ensure productivity, reduce costs, and prevent inefficiencies.

On June 21st, we had the opportunity to delve into this topic with Giorgio Beato, Vice President of A.I.MAN. (Italian Maintenance Association), exploring the main needs of Italian manufacturing industries in terms of optimizing maintenance for industrial plant machinery.

The event concluded with a brief demo of Zerynth’s IoT solution, providing a space for discussion to address any questions.

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Industrial machinery maintenance

During the interview, Giorgio discussed the key features that maintenance management tools for industrial plant machinery must have, emphasizing the importance of simplicity, immediacy, and intuitiveness. Extracting key data from machinery is essential for effective maintenance monitoring, and in this regard, solutions that are easy to use and do not require extensive technical expertise are more sustainable over time and also manageable by multiple teams.

Maintenance management tools should offer an intuitive user interface, allowing operators to easily navigate through functionalities and access necessary information quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the visualization of data and key metrics should be clear and understandable, enabling operators to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance of industrial plant machinery.

How does monitoring industrial machinery enable effective and efficient production management? Let’s explore the key benefits together.

Detecting anomalies and impending failures

Monitoring industrial plant machinery enables timely detection of anomalies and early signs of impending failures. By analyzing data collected from the devices, it becomes possible to identify unusual behaviors such as variations in performance, excessive vibrations, or abnormal temperatures. These anomalies can serve as indicators of impending failures, allowing operators to intervene before a major malfunction occurs. This reduces unexpected downtime and the associated costs of repairs.

Planning preventive or condition-based maintenance

Monitoring industrial plant machinery enables the effective implementation of preventive maintenance. By collecting and analyzing data on the equipment’s useful life, operating hours, and performance, the optimal timing for performing preventive maintenance can be identified. This targeted approach reduces the risk of sudden and costly failures, extends the lifespan of machinery, and ensures efficient production.

Optimizing performance

Monitoring industrial plant machinery allows for the evaluation of its performance over time. The collected data can be used to assess operational efficiency, identify areas where productivity losses occur, and take the necessary corrective measures. This leads to more efficient resource utilization and overall increased productivity.

Upcoming event?

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Mario Rapaccini, Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence and lecturer at the Industry 4.0 Master’s Program, will introduce the webinar, describing the main challenges faced by Italian manufacturing companies as they embark on their production optimization journey.

During the interview, Mario will address these and other questions:

  • What are the best practices to avoid being overwhelmed by the volume of data and transforming it into useful information for strategic decision-making?
  • What are the key features that monitoring tools for the production process should have to ensure simplicity, immediacy, and intuitiveness?

The webinar will conclude with a 10-minute demo of the Zerynth Platform, demonstrating how to extract data from your own machinery (such as alarms, produced parts, availability, and performance),  calculate OEE, and estimate the overall efficiency of your production, consequently increasing final revenues.

Watch the preview of the video interview with Mario Rapaccini!

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