We are proud to announce the launch of an innovative industrial solution powered by Olivetti and Zerynth: TIM Production Monitoring Platform.

The goal of our partnership is to drive the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Italy in a safer and more flexible way. Zerynth’s Industrial IoT Platform offers a fast and secure transition to optimized production systems using IoT, AI, and predictive maintenance technologies.

TIM Production Monitoring Platform

TIM Production Monitoring Platform is dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises wishing to undertake a digital transformation path towards an Industry 4.0 model.

The target industries for this platform include the automotive, chemical, and food production industries, as well as machinery manufacturers, metal production companies, the energy production industry, and more.

Thanks to the industrial partnership with Olivetti, Zerynth’s Industrial IoT Platform, thus, fits into the TIM Production Monitoring Platform offer. Moreover, since Zerynth’s Industrial IoT Platform consists of both software and hardware tools, monitoring and diagnostics of production machinery are simple and straightforward.

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About the Author: Diego Comina

As Chief Growth Officer of Zerynth, Diego Comina is responsible for driving the company's growth and development in the most valuable markets. With over 15 years of experience, he has deep expertise in scaling up digital products and companies across the US and Europe.

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