An efficient management of production processes is fundamental to the success of any manufacturing company. Eliminating inefficiencies, bottlenecks and redundancies is a strategic goal that can be achieved with data monitoring.

Being able to collect production process data and visualize it in a single dashboard leveraging production progress monitoring software is an excellent opportunity to identify cause-effect relationships along the order cycle and minimize inefficiencies.

In the previous article, we explained why production monitoring software should be used and highlighted its benefits. In this article, we will explore how the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform can easily, quickly and safely reduce bottlenecks and optimize production processes in manufacturing industries.

What is production monitoring?

Production monitoring covers a wide range of activities, from raw material management and quality control to the finished product. Collecting and analyzing large amounts of data is crucial for correctly interpreting production dynamics and planning an effective business strategy.

By implementing  technology, challenges such as manually filling in production sheets, manually extracting data from machinery, and checking maintenance through direct contact with technicians can be addressed and overcome.

Industrial IoT solutions, in fact, make it possible to combine planning and control through real-time monitoring of all production processes.

Software for production monitoring 

Production Monitoring Software offers concrete and immediate answers to crucial questions for any manufacturing company: What is the status of orders? Will delivery be respected? Why are there delays? With this tool, you can gain complete visibility and detailed tracking of production orders.

The benefits of Production Monitoring Software

  • Real-time monitoring of production processes: you can monitor production processes in real-time and remotely to obtain performance/quality metrics, monitor plant status information, and receive alarms and notifications.
  • Reduced order lead times: by gaining real-time visibility into the order process, you can prioritize and allocate resources efficiently by identifying bottlenecks at an early stage.
  • Precise control of product quality: by monitoring product quality and performance throughout the production process, problems can be identified on time, resulting in reduced delivery times.
  • Holistic view of the production process: having an overview of all operational steps allows for better decision-making and the identification of areas for improvement.

Overcoming challenges in Italian companies with Zerynth

With Production Monitoring Software it is possible to reduce order lead times and improve production efficiency. This can be achieved by monitoring the number of products per order, the time required to complete a production process, and the information gathered on OEE.

In addition, it is also possible to gain a comprehensive view of production processes through continuous monitoring of machinery and assets, tracking of digital production orders to identify critical points, and aggregating data from different sources to obtain complete and reliable KPIs.

Native integration with any BI, ERP or MES

A MES software allows you to obtain a quick overview of order progress, up-to-date data on resources and estimated delivery times. Conversely, an ERP system enables you to manage your entire business, automating key processes across finance, human resources, production, supply chain, services, and more.

However, this is often not enough to have a complete view of your factory. This is where Zerynth offers solutions that can be easily integrated into any management system.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform is capable of natively interfacing with any industrial machinery in a simple and non-intrusive way through seamless integration with any BI, ERP or MES already present in the company.

Zerynth Success Story: machinery interconnection and production monitoring

A company that produces heat exchange solutions sought a way to enable two-way communication between its machinery and management, in order to improve the information integration among the Planning/Department/Management Control units.

The objective was to interconnect 16 machines of different types to automatically send production instructions to the machines and gain visibility over the fleet.  By enabling remote control and interconnecting with the management system, the company became eligible for the benefits offered by the 4.0 tax credit.

Thanks to Zerynth, in a short time, the company was able to interconnect 16 machines of 10 different types in the same plant, thus obtaining active monitoring of production costs, energy consumption, and processing orders.

The digitization of the machines allowed data exchange with the company’s existing management system and precise integration of information from the machinery with the management systems, for a holistic view of the entire factory.

Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform: why choose it

Zerynth is a powerful ally for manufacturing industries that want to optimize their production processes quickly, easily and securely. Through this advanced platform, it becomes possible to overcome slowdowns and minimize the risk of human errors that can occur in the traditional management of production processes.

Optimizing production processes is essential to remain competitive in the market. By implementing Zerynth’s production monitoring software, it is possible to overcome daily challenges and ensure optimal production efficiency. Advanced data integration is the key to efficient control and smooth production. Want to know more? Contact us!

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