Zerynth has introduced Zero, the Industrial AI Copilot that aids manufacturing industries in improving production efficiency, energy savings, and ensuring compliance with 5.0 requirements. 

How to program the journey towards a modern industry with Generative Artificial Intelligence? What potentials can manufacturing companies achieve through AI utilization?

What does the future hold for human-machine interactions? These are the questions frequently asked, and today we provide insightful answers in this blog post.

The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on the Global Market

According to a global survey by McKinsey, 60% of companies use Generative Artificial Intelligence tools in their work, and 40% plan to increase investments, but we are only at the beginning!

The introduction of generative AI in industries will lead to a significant evolution in machine learning, creative processes, and interaction capabilities. Within the manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence serves as a valuable ally in enhancing production efficiency and reducing costs and energy consumption.

According to McKinsey, if fully exploited, Generative Artificial Intelligence could contribute from 2.6 to 4.4 trillion dollars to the global economy annually.

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Why Invest in Generative Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing?

Introducing generative artificial intelligence into  manufacturing processes offers numerous benefits:

  • Operational efficiency: AI can automate a series of processes that would otherwise require human intervention;
  • Quality improvement: AI can help improve product quality and production processes by analyzing real-time data and identifying any anomalies or defects;
  • Forecasting and planning: AI can help predict customer demand and plan production accordingly;
  • Competitiveness: investing in AI can help the company remain competitive in the market.

Zerynth and Artificial Intelligence: an Overview

Zerynth’s vision of Artificial Intelligence aligns closely with our mission of supporting companies in their journey towards a more responsible and human-centered industrial future, as demonstrated by the recent launch of Zero, Zerynth’s Industrial AI Copilot.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform facilitates the acquisition and analysis of industrial data and uses AI to streamline processes, prevent failures, and improve work quality.

Furthermore, AI is useful for optimizing efficiency and productivity and promoting a human and sustainable work environment, also thanks to an electric consumption monitoring system.

Zero and Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Industry

We often wonder if using Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing poses a risk or a benefit for companies. How can we place trust in a tool defined as nondeterministic, unpredictable, and often unreliable? The answer lies in DATA.

To use Artificial Intelligence, data is necessary, and as the amount of data increases, the real bottleneck becomes human ability to manage and convert it into useful information. This is where Zero, our Industrial AI Copilot, comes into play.

Zero is based on RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation): it extracts objective information from Zerynth Databases and makes it available to users through a multimodal interaction approach.

Zero is available 24/7 and can synthesize reports produced by the Smart Report Engine thanks to data extracted from the platform. It also helps in identifying issues by  using Real-Time notifications and alerts from the Rule Engine , aiding in understanding the root cause of problems.

But what can Zero do within the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI platform?

Integrated into the Zerynth Platform (click here if you want to try it out in advance), Zero becomes a real Copilot supporting platform users.

Zero will assist in real-time factory data monitoring and analysis, providing insights and identifying machinery that requires attention.

The Copilot will also support maintenance by providing quick assistance to production managers in identifying machinery that needs targeted interventions, thereby reducing bottlenecks. Zero will also support users in No-Code simplified configuration to install new machinery within the Zerynth platform. Interested in delving into Zero and the benefits of Zerynth’s Industrial IoT & AI platform? Book a call with one of our experts!

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