The latest version of Zerynth’s ZeroBox device marks the beginning of a new era of industrial transformation 5.0. 

As part of the continuous technological evolution characterizing industry 4.0, Zerynth is proud to present the latest innovation in the field of industrial IoT: the ZeroBox.

This new device offers a revolutionary experience by enabling local visualization of the interface, ensuring immediate access to critical information, reliable communication with industrial machinery, optimizing signal reading, and thus enabling the complete Zerynth Platform.

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Advanced Technology and Integrated Artificial Intelligence

ZeroBox is a versatile data acquisition unit, designed to be easily integrated with modern industrial machinery or retrofitted onto older generation machinery. Incorporating all the features of the 4ZeroBox Mobile and Lite devices, it presents itself as an all-in-one device equipped with advanced functionality and artificial intelligence.

At the heart of ZeroBox beats a Quad-core Cortex-A55 microprocessor, supported by an optimized Linux distribution. This powerful hardware configuration guarantees the execution of data acquisition, filtering, and analysis algorithms directly on the device, thus optimizing processes and reducing the need for data transfer.

ZeroBox is equipped with On-the-Edge AI systems that process data acquired from sensors and connected machinery in real time. This capability allows for the rapid identification of any anomalies, improving the efficiency and safety of industrial processes.

Connectivity and Maximum Data Security

The device supports a wide range of connectivity options, including WiFi, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity. This flexibility ensures a reliable and versatile connection with devices and systems already present in the industrial environment, facilitating the integration and expansion of IoT systems.

The security of transmitted data is guaranteed by an integrated Secure Element, which ensures transmissions according to the highest industrial standards. This advanced cryptographic element protects sensitive information from unauthorized access, ensuring maximum security in communications.

All devices are directly designed by Zerynth and are compatible with a wide range of industrial sensors and can also be configured autonomously through the No-Code Configurator.

Ready for Industry 5.0

ZeroBox is designed to be at the center of industrial transformation, facilitating integration with both modern machinery and legacy systems. This versatility makes it an indispensable tool for optimizing production processes, with an eye towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

ZeroBox represents a significant step forward in the field of industrial IoT, offering manufacturing companies the opportunity to fully embrace the principles of industry 5.0. Zerynth devices are natively designed to include energy consumption analysis within the monitoring of production processes and are positioned as instrumental goods in group 2 and as a leading solution for the requirements of 5.0.

With its advanced architecture, integrated artificial intelligence, and maximum data security, Zerynth’s ZeroBox is ready to become the pillar on which to build the smart factories of the future.

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About the Author: Emanuele Figliolia

Emanuele Figliolia
Emanuele is Zerynth’s Product Manager. He deals with the management of products and the development of Industrial IoT solutions for the Zerynth IoT AI Platform. A graduate in telecommunications engineering, in his spare time he likes to devote himself to photography and playing the guitar.

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