We are excited to announce our participation in Slog4.0: Sustainable Logistics 4.0. A digital and green skills project for boosting innovation and sustainability of the logistics sector.

Slog4.0 is a European project financed by the Erasmus+ program within the call “Cooperation partnerships in higher education”.

Increase the adoption of sustainable practices in the logistics sector

The project aims to boost sustainable and digital practices in the logistics industry by creating a cutting-edge interdisciplinary curriculum. This curriculum will not only enhance the digital and green skills of university students but also improve their soft skills. Ultimately, the project seeks to promote sustainable development in logistics and equip the next generation of professionals with the necessary tools to thrive in the industry.

As the project description says “The logistics sector must make use of the new technologies in order to increase the performances respecting the environmental, social and economic needs. In this framework, the digitalization of logistics and supply chains with the 4.0 technologies and the training of people in supply chain management (Logistics 4.0) is also inevitable.

Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI platform – designed to help businesses improve efficiency and sustainability

At Zerynth, we understand that sustainability is not limited to manufacturing and production, but extends to logistics as well. Our IIoT solutions are designed to help businesses reduce waste, improve efficiency, and reduce their environmental impact.

We also recognize that sustainability in logistics is not just about reducing environmental impact, but also about ensuring ethical and responsible practices. Businesses need to track their entire supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the logistics process.

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