One of the fundamental pillars of the Industry 5.0 paradigm is that of environmental, economic, and resource sustainability, which is crucial in promoting the convergence between advanced technologies and positive impacts on society and the environment.

The Zerynth Platform is a versatile tool, capable of supporting enterprises even in more complex projects that involve product innovation. Thanks to the advanced expertise of our technicians, our clients can not only develop advanced IoT solutions but also optimize resource utilization, thereby reducing waste and obtaining an optimized product that can be monitored remotely.

In this article, we explore Nurset, the innovative product created for Pierucci Agriculture aimed at the digital, real-time monitoring of any type of agricultural cultivation!

The use of IoT technology in new products indeed allows the company to be more competitive in the market, remotely observe the operation and usage of its products post-sale, and at the same time, enables the end customer to a smart, innovative product capable of optimizing its operations.

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What is the environmental impact of agriculture on the territory?

In the agricultural sector, two main causes of pollution can be identified, the first related to greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to about 7.1% of total emissions in 2021, and the second related to the use of pesticides.

It is therefore important to find a solution capable of extracting data from the crops to effectively monitor the entire process and control the available resources, reducing waste.

Nurset: The Key to IoT Monitoring of Nursery Plants

Together with Pierucci Agriculture, a company that has been supporting agricultural enterprises in plant nutrition and defense systems for years, Zerynth has developed Nurset, a digital monitoring system that can collect data in real-time and can be applied to all types of cultivation.

The system allows the control and collection of data on vital plant parameters via a dedicated app, thus optimizing various aspects of cultivation, such as irrigation or nutrition.

In this way, it is possible to have direct control of the health status of the plants, but not only that, the system also allows a reduction in consumption and waste, as interventions are made ONLY when necessary, giving the right amount of water and nutrients, in a completely sustainable environmental perspective.

How Does the Nurset System Work?

The project considered pot cultures and standard irrigation systems (drip or rain) controlled through openings/closures of solenoid valves. But in general, its system can be extended and adapted to other types of crops or other irrigation methods.

To measure the health of the plant, we considered the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electrical conductivity

Using “smart sensors,” we can measure these three parameters through the industrial Modbus RTU protocol on RS485 serial.

Thanks to the two differential channels of the RS485 series and their robustness, the installation point can be tens of meters away from the plant under observation.

Regarding the irrigation system, the main critical points concern the waste of resources and electrical consumption. Therefore, special sensors have been installed to: measure water and fertilizer consumption, keep the state of the piping under control and take timely measures, and finally, monitor electrical consumption, notifying any spikes.

The Advantages of the Nurset System

Through the Industrial IoT Platform developed by Zerynth, it is possible to receive data and alarms in real-time measuring the health status of the plants and it is the ideal tool to achieve efficiency, environmental and economic sustainability goals, optimizing the use of production factors and reducing waste.

Thanks to Nurset, the end customer of Pierucci Agriculture can optimize production processes and cultivation, have real-time monitoring of consumption and valuable insights into the functioning of their installations and the health status of the plants. Thanks to this system, customers can receive alerts via email or SMS in case of anomalies, thus being able to intervene promptly to resolve unforeseen events.

Thanks to the collaboration between Zerynth and Pierucci Agriculture, it is possible to help agricultural companies reduce their environmental impact and thus be even more sustainable.

Product Innovation through Industrial IoT

Integrating IoT technology into new products represents a fundamental step for the company towards competitiveness in the contemporary market. Allowing remote supervision of the functioning and usage of the products even after the sale, IoT offers a strategic advantage in ensuring continuous and personalised support to customers.

This not only increases customer confidence in the company but also enhances the overall user experience, offering a smart and innovative product that optimizes daily operations. The use of IoT technologies thus allows creating an interconnected ecosystem where the company and the customer collaborate to maximize the efficiency and value of industrial products.

Customization of the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform

Zerynth applications are designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, and we offer the possibility to extend the IoT platform with custom dashboards, tailor-made operator interfaces, mashups to centralize and visualize data, intelligent reporting, and much more!

Thanks to our Customization service, we enable our customers to go beyond our apps and gain even more valuable and personalized insights into processes to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Want to know more about the Zerynth Platform and how it can help you be more sustainable in the context of Industry 5.0? Contact us today!

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