In recent years, the Italian manufacturing industry has witnessed a growing interest in industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0. Let’s explore these concepts together and discover how the Zerynth Platform empowers companies to optimize their production processes.

The primary goal of Italian companies embracing the Industry 4.0 paradigm is to enhance the efficiency of production processes and maximize the value of connected industrial products. These technologies are revolutionizing business operations, providing innovative solutions to boost productivity and reduce production costs.

The Zerynth Platform is the industrial IoT solution that enables companies to optimize their processes by extracting, processing, and visualizing machine data through a portal app. Why do we talk about artificial intelligence (AI)? How are IoT and artificial intelligence interconnected?

What is an IoT platform and why do we talk about AI?

In general, industrial IoT refers to the technology that allows companies to monitor and manage their assets in real-time, while artificial intelligence serves as a paradigm/algorithm trained to enhance product quality and prevent any issues. In Italy, many companies are already investing in these technologies to remain competitive in the global market, but there is still considerable confusion about the areas of application and usage models.

But why is there artificial intelligence in IoT? The answer is simple: IoT generates a huge amount of data, but without a system capable of effectively processing and analyzing it, this data would hold no value. This is precisely where artificial intelligence comes into play.

Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing large amounts of data in real-time, enabling companies to derive useful information to improve their production processes. This means that IoT is not just about data collection, but also about analyzing and using such data to make informed business decisions.

Why Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform

If you are seeking a solution to optimize your production and maximize the value of your industrial machinery, Zerynth can be the ideal solution for you. Our industrial IoT and artificial intelligence platform is a complete set that allows you to acquire data from both legacy and modern machinery, monitor production in real-time, measure energy consumption, predict malfunctions, receive real-time notifications, and it can be easily integrated with ERP, MES, and BI systems within your company.

Zerynth’s IoT technology is not only easy to implement, but it is also highly scalable, and flexible, ensuring maximum data security. This allows for a 40% reduction in energy costs, a 70% decrease in downtime, and a 30% reduction in maintenance costs.

But that’s not all: Zerynth’s industrial IoT platform offers seamless integration with any IT system already in place within the company, such as SAP, Azure, or AWS, through connectors or REST Open API. This makes it possible to complete the digitalization of the factory, including machinery that was previously difficult to integrate.

Figure 1 shows the architecture of the Zerynth Platform and how any industrial machinery within your factory can be connected, displayed on a dashboard, and integrated with existing management systems.

Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform – The APP Portal

The Zerynth portal is a comprehensive  solution for unified management of the entire Industry 4.0 factory. It offers a wide range of applications designed to optimize production processes with pre-configured functionalities, enabling manufacturing companies to work effectively and efficiently.

Each Zerynth solution is designed to meet the key needs of Italian manufacturing companies, which, throughout Zerynth’s experience, have been found to be the most pressing challenges faced by companies today.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform allows you to monitor electrical and energy consumption, gain real-time visibility on production, track work orders seamlessly, and provide excellent support for both preventive and conditional maintenance management.

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