Industry 4.0 solutions enable innovations capable of digitizing the industrial production process, quickly and flexibly, reducing consumption and operating costs. 

Being able to do it quickly and easily, without having to replace existing machinery in the company, has always been one of the main objectives and strengths of the Zerynth IoT platform.

This is why we decided to go beyond the simple IoT platform made up of components, edge devices, and technology. We have created a real suite of ready-to-use products to make Industrial IoT accessible to every end user –  a platform that is easy to implement and safe to scale and maintain.

The Industrial plug-and-play platform

At Zerynth we have made important changes to make the digitization of machinery and industrial assets even faster and more efficient. We have gone from being an IoT development platform focused solely on device programming to an industrial monitoring platform accessible to anyone, both experts and end-users.

All this is possible thanks to an innovative system of configurable and completely customizable APPs. Through an intuitive, no-code interface, the APPs are able to adapt to the various needs of both the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The new architecture of the Zerynth IoT platform includes important new features in its fundamental components:

  • Zerynth Cloud Core
  • Dashboard Engine
  • No-code Wizard
  • Industrial IoT APP

Thanks to these features and Zerynth’s IoT edge device, it is possible to connect any machinery or industrial asset in a few minutes to extract data, send it to the Zerynth Cloud, and view it on ready-to-use dashboards that are available in the Industrial IoT APP.

The APPs can be configured using the no-code Wizard system or, alternatively, customized dashboards can be created thanks to the simplified Zerynth configuration system. The collected data can also be sent through numerous connectors available to third-party software such as MES, ERP or BI systems.

Zerynth Apps

Figure 1. The architecture of the Zerynth IoT platform

Zerynth Cloud Core

Cloud Core is the basic element of Zerynth’s solutions to which the Industrial IoT Apps are then added to enable specific features and support every industrial need.

Zerynth Cloud Core consists of:

  • Device Manager, a tool for managing IoT devices and data, with support for Over-the-Air updates;
  • Data Storage, integrated data storage service optimized for time series and IoT devices;
  • Dashboard Engine, a tool for creating an unlimited number of interactive dashboards for data visualization;
  • No-Code Wizard, tool for the guided configuration of the App, without any need for programming;
  • Connectors with BI, ERP or MES already present in the company;
  • Rest Open APIs, for integration with third-party tools through Rest Open APIs or Webhooks.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT APP

The Zerynth Industrial IoT APPs are pre-configured packages that include:

  • data analysis and artificial intelligence processes that run on Zerynth Cloud Core
  • data acquisition and filtering algorithms performed on IoT devices connected to machinery
  • ready-to-use dashboards for data visualization.

The Zerynth APPs, therefore, allow you to quickly create IoT setups aimed at the acquisition and enhancement of industrial data.

In a few clicks, you can choose the most suitable APP for each machine you want to monitor in order to automate the entire process of configuring the IoT device and creating dashboards. Installation can, therefore, be carried out by any technician or electrician, without the need for advanced programming or configuration:

Here are the detailed characteristics of each APP:

  • Zerynth Machine Monitoring: Connect your industrial machinery – This APP is able to extract machine data, obtain information about its status and send alerts and alarms in real time. In this way, it is possible to monitor production and keep energy consumption under control.
  • Zerynth Machine Insights: Upgrade your industrial machinery – In addition to monitoring production with the features of Zerynth Machine Monitoring, this APP analyzes the effectiveness of production, calculating the OEE and obtaining key information then producing them in periodic reports.
  • Zerynth Machine Control: Supervise your industrial machinery – With this APP you can remotely control your production, setting commands on the machines, through specially designed parameters or programs.
  • Zerynth Power Consumption Monitoring: Monitor your electricity consumption – This APP shows an overview of the total energy consumption consumed in the factory, as well as monitoring the electrical and sub-panels, receives alarms in real time, and sends periodic reports.
  • Zerynth Custom APP: Create your industrial application – With this APP we can implement customized features, going beyond those already available.

No-code Wizard 

The APPs are installed and configured directly from the Zerynth Cloud portal through a very simple “Wizard” type interface that does not require the development of programming code.

Our no-code Wizard configurator was created with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the installation and scalability of the production and energy consumption monitoring systems for machinery.

The main features of this solution are:

  • ready to use, within an hour you can connect a machine and see the production data on the dashboard;
  • flexible, you can start from an APP and then upgrade it;
  • customizable over time.

What are the benefits for companies?

Increased production efficiency:

  • Immediately identify machine alerts, optimize resources and improve OEE thanks to active machinery monitoring.
  • Greater machine availability: constant monitoring of equipment allows you to prevent breakdowns and downtime, and optimize maintenance interventions.
  • Operating cost reduction: Monitoring of machinery allows energy consumption reduction and defective products to reduce costs.
  • Data-based decisions: you get full visibility of the production process, the tracking of KPIs and the optimization of final results.

To better understand the operation of the new Zerynth product and how the configuration of the Industrial IoT APP is able to enable the machinery for Industry 4.0, watch our on-demand Webinar.

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About the Author: Daniele Mazzei

Daniele is the CPO and co-founder of Zerynth. His strong interest in the interaction between people and intelligent objects led him to co-found Zerynth and to design connected devices and Industrial IoT applications. After earning a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, he is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa.

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