If you’ve ever wondered how to optimize your production quickly, maximizing performance, quality, and efficiency, Zerynth has the ans wer for you. In this blog post, we will describe the new features of the Zerynth platform, with a particular focus on the Production Insights App. 

Thanks to the operations view, you can now obtain production monitoring technology based on increased efficiency visibility, not only at the machinery level but also for individual operations performed on a single machine or across multiple machines.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for calculating the Operation Efficiency KPI, but leveraging Zerynth’s expertise, we have identified best practices to calculate it effectively!

Productivity analysis and production efficiency

The Production Insights App is designed to monitor real-time issues and inefficiencies related to suboptimal use of production machinery and the execution of specific operations.

With user-friendly dashboards and intuitive KPIs, you can identify corrective actions to improve machinery efficiency, maximizing performance and the quality of operations, including calculating OEE at both the machinery and factory levels.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a measurement factor that captures quantitative data on a company’s productivity, allowing businesses to monitor the efficiency of their production and assess whether overall performance is adequate or compromised based on Availability, Performance, and Quality indices.

This approach facilitates timely intervention through appropriate production monitoring technology to correct errors and optimize overall efficiency, preparing the machines for Industry 4.0. There is no one-size-fits-all way to calculate OEE, but it depends on the company’s needs and software used. In this latest blog post, we explain how you can calculate it easily and intuitively with the Zerynth Platform.

Productivity Analysis and OEE Calculation

The Production Insights App offers a comprehensive analysis of machinery productivity, including the calculation and evaluation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). By monitoring cycle times, analyzing performance, and assessing production quality, you gain a complete view of operations. It enables a detailed analysis of energy consumption related to production operations, contributing to the optimization of production, resource usage, and costs.

Focusing on individual operations, you can analyze and monitor operational efficiency, along with an accurate assessment of cycle times, performance, and quality related to each operation, enabling the identification of critical issues and inefficiencies.

How to Maximize Operational Efficiency

Getting a detailed view of efficiency not only at the machinery level but also for individual operations performed on each machine or across multiple machines (Operations) is crucial for Italian businesses to understand the direction of their production.

Through tools such as barcode readers/RFID devices or integration with management systems such as MES and ERP, the Zerynth Platform allows tracking operations and monitoring the entire shop floor.

Automatic data historization enables immediate evaluation of costs, times, quality, performance, and consumption for each operation, allowing for easy comparison ofKPIs between different machines used.

The Production Insights App allows for the calculation of the Operation Efficiency KPI for each operation on production machinery, based on Quality and Performance indices. Here are the main KPIs for monitoring individual operations performed on machinery (Operations):

  • Monitoring and analysis of Operation Efficiency
  • Analysis of cycle times and performance of individual operations
  • Monitoring of quality related to the execution of each operation
  • Monitoring of energy consumption associated with the execution of operations
  • Comparison of the Operations KPIs performed on multiple machines.

production insights

Figure 1. Production Insights – Operations Overview

Productivity Overview

Figure 2. Production Insights – Productivity Overview

How to Configure the App without Programming

The configuration of the App is simple and immediate. Thanks to Zerynth’s No-Code Configurator tool, you can guide the configuration of your Apps without the need for programming, using a virtual Wizard-type interface.

Once the devices are connected to their respective machinery, simply follow the indicated steps to complete the App configuration and start viewing data on dedicated dashboards.

Using Connectors, APIs, or Webhooks, you can also integrate the App with any third-party system, whether pre-existing in the production environment or currently being implemented.

Digital Transformation with Zerynth

Enhance your business ecosystem with a view to digital transformation and Industry 5.0 by leveraging the capabilities of the Zerynth Platform and the Production Insights App. Simplify work, optimize production, and support the success of your business.

Schedule a call with our IoT Experts and discover how to install the Zerynth Platform easily and immediately!

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