Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the MWC fair in Barcelona, the world’s most influential event dedicated to connectivity. This year it was visited by over 60,000 people, from almost 200 countries.

The focus this year was to gather the international development community in order to exchange new ideas and discuss how to implement all the emerging technologies to enable a better digital world. There were over 160 delegations from countries and international institutions all over the world.

Policymakers, regulators, industry leaders, and the international development community gathered together to ensure a more prosperous future through innovation and sustainable development.

During our time at the MWC, I visited a range of summits focused on industrial solutions, and here are some of my key insights:

5G technology for enabling IoT

Business first, technology second. 5G technology is not a new trend but it helps businesses benefit from data reliability, reduced latency, and the ability to manage huge amounts of data from the edge to the cloud.

Private Networks 

This was a key theme across all sessions. Private 5G wireless networks are playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of industries that can develop a custom environment and deploy a wide range of indoor/outdoor applications where high-speed, high-capacity and low-latency connectivity is crucial.

Key challenges for Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies should leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to boost productivity, reduce energy costs, and reduce downtime. They also have security needs for data and systems. Digital transformation is possible only through ensuring enterprise-grade security. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure worker safety and sustainability.

AI and Machine Learning

Judging by what I saw at the MWC, AI and Machine learning are going to be crucial topics this year and they are going to reach a certain level of maturity in some applications (such as industrial automation, energy optimization, or predictive maintenance). It’s quite certain that they are the key disruptive technologies for industry and they will become a driver for increasing efficiency in industrial processes.


Sustainability was an important theme of all telco companies that should be focused on developing 5G networks thus ensuring energy efficiency and a low impact on the environment.

Industry City

A must-see space at the MWC this year was the Industry City. This amazing networking, demo, and content space, at the event, was dedicated to manufacturing, fintech, and smart mobility. And, I know you wouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that maximizing the potential of 5G technology was one of the most popular topics.

Representing Italian innovation

Our team was hosted at the ITA – Italian Trade Agency booth, representing Italian innovation in the industrial IoT. The ITA booth was designed to support Italian business development abroad, and promote its investments.

As you can see in the video, this was quite a popular spot.

What does Zerynth do?

Our CEO, Gabriele Montelisciani, held a talk, organized by the Italian Trade Agency, during the second day of the conference. As with every event, the most asked question was “What does your company do?”. Gabriele was happy to explain this to everyone in under a minute.

Because if you can’t explain it simply then do you even know what your business does? There’s no second chance for a first impression.

Gabriele also had a chance to share his thoughts on Italian innovation with Vittorio Colao, the Italian Minister of technological innovation and digital transition.

The Zerynth stand was pretty popular. We had lots of visitors stopping by to learn more about our mission and our solutions.

Where you can meet us next

If you missed us in Barcelona, look at our current event schedule. Maybe we will see each other soon at another location:

  • A&T 2022 – from the 6th until the 8th of April, in Torino
  • IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 – from the 10th until the 12th of May, in Barcelona
  • SPS Italia 2022 –  from the 24th until the 26th of May, in Parma

Visit our events page to learn more.

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