In today’s competitive environment, it’s essential for companies to have full control over production progress to achieve complete integration between planning and production. 

How can industrial processes be optimized? It all starts with production monitoring and process tracking.

This undoubtedly helps identify inefficiencies and gain full awareness of what is happening inside the factory. Continue reading this blog post to learn more!

Why Monitor Production?

Production monitoring solutions enable the digitalization of factory machinery through sensors and IoT technology, transmitting data to dashboards for better understanding of their operations.

Constant monitoring of machinery allows companies to understand the health of their equipment and perform maintenance before failures or stoppages occur, which can negatively impact product quality and production processes.

Specifically, with Zerynth’s Industrial IoT & AI Platform, the process of data extraction from machinery and its interpretation is made very easy and fast. This way, industries can obtain important information about their business at any time and remotely.

Production Insights: The App for Production Optimization and Advanced Progress Control

The Production Insights App, available on the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform, allows, through acquired data, to enhance production efficiency, reduce waste, and gain full visibility over production processes.

The App includes Operations and Productivity views. The former is perfect for advanced production progress control, providing important insights into company processes, while the latter focuses on production optimization.

What Are the Main Benefits?

The Production Insights App offers several benefits for companies that decide to adopt the Zerynth platform:

  • Improved machinery utilization and reduced failures by enhancing response times to inefficiencies
  • Increased productivity and optimization of delivery times, planning, and forecasting thanks to advanced production progress control
  • Enhanced sustainability with reduced waste

CPS: A Real Case of the Production Monitoring Solution

The integration of Zerynth’s production monitoring solutions has radically transformed the production processes of CPS D’Auria, a company in the metalworking sector. Thanks to Zerynth, CPS D’Auria has gained control over production progress, improving production monitoring and management.

This solution enabled real-time data collection from machinery, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. Production tracking was enhanced, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in operational costs.

Read the full case study to discover how adopting IoT technologies can provide a competitive edge for manufacturing companies. Contact us today to start optimizing your company!

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