This Christmas, Zerynth is gifting beehives to its clients in support of 3Bee, a climate tech project dedicated to preserving biodiversity. 

Bees are crucial for our planet, yet they face risks due to environmental pollution. That’s why we’ve made a sustainable choice to gift our customers something beneficial to the environment.

Bees: Small but Essential

Bees and other pollinators play a vital role on our planet: they are responsible for 35% of global food production and over 70% of living plant species.

Imagine our planet without bees—certainly drier, barren, and with compromised biodiversity, which is the very foundation of our agriculture and, consequently, our food.

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The 3Bee Project

3Bee is an Italian climate tech company safeguarding biodiversity through technology and innovation. They develop intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems with the purpose of enhancing the health of bees.

Once the beehives are installed, 3Bee’s systems continuously collect data on hive conditions (temperature, sounds, humidity). This data is accessible to beekeepers remotely, through a proactive approach that prevents issues and diseases common in beehives.

Zerynth’s Bee Oasis

Zerynth has created its own oasis by gifting a 3Bee box to clients, complete with an illustrative book explaining the importance of bees, their lifecycle, and honey varieties. Thanks to Zerynth’s choice, we are now responsible for protecting around 90,000 bees, contributing to the pollination of approximately 90 million flowers.

Every Zerynth customer has the opportunity to redeem their beehive by selecting a beekeeper and gaining the ability to monitor their hive 24/7 and receive their honey in a few months.


Choosing to partner with 3Bee reflects our commitment to actively promote environmental sustainability through technology, just as we do in the industrial world. This initiative aligns with our core values, and we want to support those fervently dedicated to leveraging technology for the preservation of our ecosystem.

This Christmas, follow our lead, roll up your sleeves, and get things done!

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