A smart mooring system that reduces environmental impact: the nautical sector evolves with the Internet of Things

July 14, 2021

100% green energy, 12% increase in revenues and 10% reduction in development times: this is what happens when the nautical sector meets Industry 4.0. This is aptly demonstrated by Seares, an innovative Tuscan startup that is active in the nautical accessories sector. They have created an intelligent IoT mooring system, with the help of Zerynth, that captures the energy of the waves and transforms it into electricity, thereby reducing its environmental impact. 

According to the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, renewables are destined to grow considerably in Italy, reaching high levels of penetration in the electricity sector (around 55%), with a fundamental role for innovative technologies such as marine.

With circa 5 million Euros a year, Italy is in first place, among Mediterranean countries, and second in Europe for public funding to produce energy from the sea, as explained by the first report of the European project OceanSET 2020, which analyzed investments and technological development of 11 European countries. *

Precisely, in this context, Seares, to keep pace with global trends in the development of the maritime industry, has joined forces with Zerynth for the implementation of interconnected and low environmental impact technologies. In just 6 months, Zerynth’s team helped the company make the Smart version of Seadamp Plus, an IoT-enabled smart mooring system that can capture the kinetic power of waves and turn it into electricity – without having to use high-polluting power sources – and, is also able to monitor and provide vessel data in real time.

The Seadamp Plus system, built using a module directly connected to the cloud, includes 12 or 24 volts DC (VDC) generators with neodymium magnets. This intelligent controller keeps the batteries continuously charged. The system includes an analysis tool that allows you to extract and analyze the operating parameters of the boat remotely (the voltage of the batteries, the total amount of energy recovered, and the power) and send them to the cloud, thus ensuring complete remote management with high security standards. The dashboard also automatically generates reports and monitors the selected values, allowing the algorithm to calculate actual system performance in real-time.

Seadamp Plus is easy to install, silent, and ecological. In fact, all the materials used are completely reusable and have a low environmental impact: the hydraulic oils are biodegradable, non-toxic, and come from renewable sources, while the stainless steel resists corrosion ensuring a longer life.

By working with Zerynth, we have released new solutions, achieving significant company growth“, explains Giorgio Cucè, Co-Founder and CEO of Seares Srl. “The design of an IoT implementation process has been developed efficiently with all the features, mechanics, and electronics we need, and allows us to develop and test all our components right from the prototyping stages in order to obtain the best results“.

The collaboration with Seares demonstrates the great possibilities offered by technology and the Internet of Things across many business sectors“, asserts Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “Our goal is to simplify the activities of companies that need to optimize their industrial processes to ensure a low environmental impact“.

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