Digitalizing industrial processes: Zerynth presents its new IoT platform to connect and innovate industrial machinery and products

May 4, 2021

Zerynth’s new IoT platform allows companies to evolve in just a few steps and transform existing production systems, with a minimum level of automation, into intelligent machines and also design and produce innovative and connected products. 

With this goal in mind, Zerynth presents its new IoT platform, which consists of a new line of hardware, software, and advanced cloud solutions. An ecosystem of tools allowing one to manage, with ease, the digitalization of industrial processes: it is designed for all those companies that intend to develop new connected products, connect existing products, or create industrial IoT solutions. 

“The impossibility to remotely control machines or acquire data from the machinery, the difficulty of integrating machinery and software, the lack of experience in the IoT for the management of integrated devices and systems: these are just some of the challenges for all those companies that nowadays intend to use Industrial IoT solutions”, explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “The new IoT Zerynth platform and the new products that we have developed are now heading in the direction to ensure that companies are able to have a fast and safe digital transformation, in order to enable any entrepreneur to quickly and easily bring their company and products to industry 4.0 standards”.

The IoT Zerynth platform is, therefore, able to meet all industrial IoT needs: a complete end-to-end IoT solution, which allows one to easily manage hardware, software, and cloud services, and reduce development times through flexible and scalable tools. 

“Thanks to our modular products,” continues Montelisciani,” companies can renovate their machinery, even those from thirty years ago, making them digital and connected, or build new intelligent machines, easily passing from the prototype to the large scale industrial product”.

Zerynth’s new line of hardware products includes powerful and efficient Development boards, Expansion boards, IoT modules, and Industrial IoT devices. 

The new IoT module (ZM1), which permits one to have connected, scalable and secure products, works together with modular, flexible, and easy to customize Development Boards (ZM1-DB), which allow one to increase the functionality of the machinery, and are adaptable, for prototyping or mass production. These boards fit into an industrial DIN rail enclosure, making prototyping fast and efficient. The Expansion boards allow one to add specific features, such as the ability to interface industrial sensors, PLC, and add new generation cellular connectivity (5G).

The entire hardware system – consisting of IoT modules, IoT devices, and IoT Development boards – is managed, thanks to the zOS operating system, can be programmed in C and Python. It’s easy to customize but also secure and high performing. Each Zerynth device connects to the zCloud to send and manage data as well as to manage device fleets. The zCloud facilitates integration with third-party Cloud applications and services. 

In this manner, the platform provides a wide range of IoT applications and meets the needs of all sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics, agriculture, waste management, energy, etc.

“We wanted tools that, once combined with the rest of our platform, would guarantee a quick and efficient way to move from prototype to production,” explains Daniele Mazzei, Chief Innovation Officer. “The modular units that we have thought of are in fact “blocks” that are used to build secure and easily scalable IoT systems, thanks to zBUS, a new standard of connection between boards, that we have designed to simplify the development of IoT solutions”.

The suite is completed with the Zerynth Dashboard, a cloud application that allows one to easily and intuitively create real-time data visualization interfaces, as well as automatic and interactive reporting systems that are accessible anywhere.

About Zerynth 

Zerynth helps companies easily get their industrial processes digitized and bring innovative connected products to the world. The Zerynth IoT Platform is a full set of hardware-software tools designed by IoT experts to enable digital transformation in a fast, flexible, and secure way. Founded in 2015, Zerynth has grown steadily. Today Zerynth has 30+ team members with deep IoT expertise and industry knowledge with over 100 customers across many industries. Headquartered in Italy, Zerynth provides support globally thanks to an extensive network of partners in Europe and pan-global locations.

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