High bills for Italian industry: Production Costs up 42%. Using Zerynth’s Industrial IoT platform, consumption is reduced by 40%

December 14, 2022

Zerynth’s Machine Monitoring and Power Consumption Monitoring apps allow you to keep your energy consumption in the factory under control 24/7, allowing you to identify energy waste by 35% and reduce machinery energy consumption by 40% in production.

Substantial increases in electricity and gas costs have had a heavy impact on not only household budgets, but also those in the industrial world. Particularly, in September, there was a surge in prices for the mining, electric, and gas supply sectors by more than 216.4% and 167.6% respectively compared to the same period during 2021. As a result, substantial increases in production costs rose over 41.8% annually*.

To remain competitive in the current and complex macroeconomic scenario, it is essential for companies to invest in innovation and continue along the digital transformation path in production activities. It is in this context that Zerynth fits, supporting companies in their digitization of production processes and in the development of connected industrial products by offering them the possibility of optimizing consumption with its Industrial IoT platform. This solution allows you to connect both modern and older production machinery to IT systems so you can acquire key data such as temperature, vibrations, and energy consumption. The goals are to identify energy waste and reduce consumption, optimize production, and reduce machine downtime without having to redesign entire production lines or having to keep them idle for a long time during updating work.

Specifically, Zerynth offers an ecosystem of advanced hardware, software, and cloud solutions capable of enabling any machine for Industry 4.0 thanks to plug and play devices equipped with Zerynth Cloud and Industrial IoT Apps (pre-configured applications that support the digital transformation of production processes). Among these, the Machine Monitoring and Power Consumption Monitoring apps are extraordinary, dedicated precisely to monitoring the energy consumption of industrial machines and the entire factory, which allows you to reduce machine downtime by 20%, increase the identification of energy waste by 35%, and reduce consumption by more than 40%.

In particular, Zerynth Machine Monitoring monitors the operating states and consumption of both production and service machinery; Zerynth Power Consumption Monitoring supports monitoring electrical panels and analyzes the phase imbalance and the connection parameters to the electric grid, additionally providing precise data on auxiliary services, such as light and air conditioning.

From these two apps, your company can monitor energy consumption of the entire factory, single plant or electrical panels 24/7. The data can be viewed in real time via the web app and it is possible to receive alarms and notifications when consumption thresholds are exceeded, in addition to creating  personalized periodic reports that allow the production of useful documentation for making decisions based on objective data. Here, companies can optimize consumption and reduce costs, increase production efficiency and improve plant performance.

“Zerynth’s IoT solutions allow companies to monitor consumption and, therefore, energy costs in a granular and timely manner, and to intervene promptly to make optimizations and corrections to the operation of machinery and entire production plants”, says Daniele Mazzei, Chief Product Officer. “Implementing good cost saving practices in the field of energy saving not only allows you to save substantially on bills, but also reduces the environmental impact of industrial production. The energy transition goes hand in hand with the environmental transition, and the Internet of Things is the enabling factor of this epochal transformation. Furthermore, Zerynth’s Industrial IoT platform benefits from the tax breaks for the purchase of tangible and intangible capital goods provided for by the Transition 4.0 plan“.

Sources: Istat Observatory* on production prices in industry and construction for the month of September 2022 https://www.istat.it/it/archivio/276681


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