Industrial machinery connected without WiFi or LAN: Zerynth launches its new line of IoT products based on cellular connectivity

November 22, 2021

From remote monitoring of processes to receiving notifications in real-time: with Zerynth’s cellular IoT solutions, Scapigliato – a Tuscan company that manages waste treatment and disposal plants – reduces operating costs and optimizes production.

An increasingly common difficulty for many industrial companies is that they are not able to monitor assets located where WiFi or LAN connectivity is not available, and they cannot trace the essential parameters to ensure proper operation of their machinery. This problem is ubiquitous in the agricultural and nautical sector, as well as in projects in the Smart City sector. The latter, in fact, involves massive installation of sensors in places where any power supply is difficult to reach. Fixed network connectivity is a problem, too. For example, basements, bridges, dams, viaducts, or other industrial environments where it’s particularly hot, cold or humid are real engineering challenges.  

Even in these extreme situations, however, there is an increasing need to analyze a large amount of data, in an integrated way, for greater accuracy and reliability of processes. Consequently, there is a need to find solutions capable of connecting industrial machinery without depending on access to WiFi. In this regard, according to a research by Ericsson in the Industry 4.0 field, the number of cellular IoT connections will reach 4.1 billion in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 27%.* 

These technologies, in fact, allow the signal to propagate even in remote places where other signals are irregular, allowing companies to optimize processes: from the efficiency of water systems to smart bins, which once full, communicate the need to be emptied with the collectors.

With this goal, Zerynth, which supports companies in the digitization of industrial processes and in the development of connected and innovative products, expands the connectivity of industrial machines by launching a line of new IoT products equipped with cellular connectivity capable of connecting any industrial machinery, without the need for WiFi access. In this way, managers will be able to monitor the KPIs of their machinery and the entire production wherever they are and receive notifications in real-time, which allow optimizing processes and reducing operating costs.

4ZeroBox Mobile, in particular, designed by Zerynth for asset monitoring, data acquisition, and control of industrial machines, is an industrial IoT device with cellular connectivity and GPS functionality that simplifies the development of industrial IoT applications. The NB-IoT functionality enables easy connection to the internet and the Cloud. This represents the ideal solution in all cases where WiFi or Ethernet connectivity is not available or is not the best option for the developed application. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated GPS functions, the solution easily monitors all company assets, as well as allows you to receive notifications in real time when certain events occur and to acquire KPIs from machinery in order to make strategic decisions.

The EXP-CONNECT board is a modular expansion system with cellular NB-IoT and GPS functionality. It is capable of facilitating rapid and efficient prototyping, thereby allowing you to quickly add new functions based on specific customer needs.

Finally, within the Zerynth Cloud platform, the plan for a cellular version of the Zerynth Device Manager is available: software for managing IoT devices that simplifies the registration, organization, monitoring and remote management of all devices. Connected from a single interface, it is therefore possible to manage fleets of IoT devices in a simple way and always maintain complete control of all assets. 

“The inability to control assets in locations with no WiFi connection is one of the main challenges for companies that are approaching Industrial IoT solutions,” explains Daniele Mazzei, Chief Innovation Officer of Zerynth. “With the new line of IoT products based on cellular connectivity, Zerynth allows companies to collect data located in any location and have the tools to analyze it without the need for WiFi or Ethernet connectivity, thus reducing operational costs and optimizing production.”

Monitoring wells with cellular connectivity: using the example of Scapigliato

To demonstrate the importance of these solutions we look at Scapigliato – a Tuscan company that manages and carries out the management of waste treatment and disposal plants. Thanks to the Zerynth IoT platform, it has in fact managed to make processes more efficient and reduce operating costs by reducing time monitoring to improve efficiency and safety within the plants.

The company, in particular, needed to implement a more sophisticated process for managing the daily records of leachate levels in landfill wells, which happened through the control of a single well and inserting data in a specific document. This was a manual process that took a long time to execute.

Thanks to the cellular connectivity guaranteed by Zerynth’s solutions, Scapigliato is now able to monitor 20 leachate extraction wells without the need for a WiFi connection and without any loss of data. They can automatically record leachate levels in a much shorter time, as well as remotely monitor the status of the pumps, and detect faults or anomalies without having to check each well in the landfill.

“The solution implemented by Zerynth was fundamental for the productivity of our company”, says Leonello Trivelli, Head of Innovation and Strategic Projects at Scapigliato. “In fact, it allowed us to reduce monitoring times and maintenance costs, plus improve the efficiency and control processes of the leachate management system”.

Notes for the press

*Ericsson Mobility report 2021

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