Integrations between IT and OT systems for a holistic view of Factory 4.0: Zerynth launches the “Industrial IoT & AI Platform”

February 16, 2022

Zerynth’s renewed IoT application platform based on Artificial Intelligence offers more than just monitoring consumption and the operational status of connected devices. Businesses can have complete control over their production plants in a 360-degree capacity – from machine remote control to reporting, and order tracking.

After the leap of the past year (+4%), also in the course of 2023, almost half of the Italian companies have set among their objectives the increase in investments in ICT* (+2.1%), a sign that the main stakeholders see the transformation of digital processes as the key to increasing their competitiveness and resilience. The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will increasingly play a leading role in this transition, enabling the paradigm shift, especially in discrete and process manufacturing.

To support the digitization of production processes and to allow companies total control of assets in compliance with industrial safety standards, Zerynth makes available the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform, a new platform containing AI-based IoT applications that allows you to manage the entire Factory 4.0 in a unified way, from the remote control of the machinery to the tracking of orders.

Accessible directly from the web, the renewed Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform enables the convergence between information technologies and platforms (IT) and technologies related to automation and machine control (OT), allowing a holistic view of the company. With the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform, it is possible to connect the entire factory in just 3 hours in a plug and play mode (modern, legacy, production, auxiliary, and switchboard machinery) in a single overview and integrate the central IT systems (business intelligence, ERP, MES software). The platform also allows access to a collection of preconfigured apps, each assigned to perform a specific function in the “factory system”. The “Zerynth IoT & AI” portal allows, through its intelligent apps, to manage all the processes and assets of a manufacturing environment in real-time and represents fundamental support in making strategic decisions in data-driven mode, i.e., based on real and up-to-date data.

“Monitoring and analyzing the performance of every aspect of modern factories are the prerogatives of all companies, as they have in-depth knowledge of energy consumption trends, operating costs, times, and methods for preventive/predictive maintenance and trace the progress of production represent the foundations of an efficient management of resources,” says Daniele Mazzei, Chief Product Officer of Zerynth. “On the one hand, manufacturing companies that deal with medium- and high-volume discrete production processes are susceptible to the issue of productivity and compliance with KPIs and plant effectiveness indicators according to OEE productivity parameters. But on the other hand, production plants and service companies need to understand the general framework of the factory system in every detail to develop a successful strategy. Unfortunately, they don’tdon’t always have the IT background and skills necessary to develop an effective IoT architecture. The new Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform portal answers this problem. It allows companies to make a short competitive leap without effort”.

The new Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform portal proves to be easy to integrate into systems and machinery already present in the factory; it is scalable, intuitive to use, and full of data analytics features that are easily accessible even to less expert users.

Modular solutions to transform the factory

The apps are organized according to different access levels, depending on the type of machinery and activity you intend to control. For example, the Apps “Machines,” “Consumption,” and “Maintenance” allow you to have a holistic view of the plants and to view, monitor and manage machines and connected assets remotely (OT level), recording energy consumption and operating status and notifying interventions recommended maintenance to prevent downtime (predictive maintenance). In addition, the Zerynth IoT & AI Platform also offers an integrated data storage service optimized for time-series and IoT devices, a tool for managing and archiving periodic reports in pdf, and a system of connectors for integration with BI and ERP tools and MES present in the company (IT level).

The “Productivity” app is aimed mainly at companies that need to constantly analyze productivity parameters (cycle time, quality, availability, OEE), typically manufacturing industries.

The “Control” app enables bi-directional communication with the machines to send configurations or instructions (recipes) remotely. Furthermore, the “Work Orders” app completes the outlook on Factory 4.0 thanks to the monitoring and tracking of work orders with and without operator interface support.

Furthermore, the portal is fully customizable thanks to the availability of “Custom apps,” customized dashboard tools created using the Grafana editor and SQL interface. In this way, Zerynth responds to the increasingly growing need for servitization and offers machine and device manufacturers the possibility of integrating Zerynth’s IoT app platform in the offer of services for their customers and end users.

At the basis of the Zerynth IoT & AI Platform are the Zerynth AI Edge Devices. These plug-and-play IoT devices allow the acquisition of data, even from legacy and retrofitted machinery, to transform the entire fleet into Industry 4.0-ready without any effort.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform benefit from the tax credit for investments in tangible capital goods 4.0, implemented by the Government to support the digitization of Italian companies, according to the new 2023 rates*.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform with apps was presented at the IoT Solutions World Congress, held in Barcelona from 31 January to 2 February 2023 and saw Zerynth among the suppliers of game-changer technologies for the transformation of the industrial world.



Osservatori Startup Intelligence e Digital Transformation Academy della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano 

Piano Transizione 4.0 – PNRR 


Zerynth enables companies to streamline production processes and increase the value of connected industrial products. Through a plug-and-play IoT & AI platform, we connect every industrial machinery, allowing for a complete 4.0 transformation quickly, flexibly, and securely.

Founded in 2015, Zerynth has grown steadily. Today it has 40+ team members with deep IoT expertise and industry knowledge with over 150 customers across many industries: from manufacturing to agriculture to energy to logistics. Zerynth is based in Pisa, Italy, but also is active in international projects, and foresees an expansion both in EU and non-EU countries during the next three years.

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