The sanitary and portable toilets sector becomes smart: IoT reduces energy consumption by over 40% and optimizes production to counteract expensive energy consumption

March 15, 2022

Thanks to Zerynth’s IoT solutions, Armal, a leading company in the production and supply of high-quality portable toilets and accessories related to portable sanitation systems, reduces energy consumption by 40% and recovers its investment in technology within 4 months.

Energy efficiency is a very topical issue, especially following increases of energy costs in recent months. In particular, according to an estimate by the Confindustria Study Center, in 2021 the cost of energy for businesses increased by 13 billion euros compared to 2019, while that forecast for 2022 will be 37 billion *.

To cope with expensive energy, the use of IoT platforms positions itself as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in recent years. By allowing monitoring of production processes, they enable industries to reduce the use of energy resources, optimize production and minimize operating costs.

The importance of these solutions is demonstrated by the case of Armal, a leading company in the production and supply of high-quality portable toilets and accessories related to portable sanitation systems. Thanks to the IoT platform of the Italian company, Zerynth, active in the digitalization of industrial processes and in the development of connected and innovative products, Armal has successfully completed its evolutionary path towards Industry 4.0, They have managed to reduce energy consumption costs of machinery by 60% compared to the earlier technologies, and 40% when compared to the previous generation. Armal fully recovered their investment in just 4 months.

Armal needed to cope with excessive energy consumption from their production machines and the resulting high operating costs. For this reason, the company, on the one hand, was looking for a solution capable of controlling energy consumption of each machine in real time, and, on the other hand, it aimed to reduce the time required to monitor the quantity of components produced, to reduce manual work, and minimize defective components.

Zerynth’s team developed an industrial IoT system for Armal for real-time monitoring of the energy consumption of machinery and production.This was done by installing an industrial 4ZeroBox device connected directly to the Cloud via the Zerynth Device Manager platform for each machine. Thanks to this solution, Armal is now able to remotely monitor their entire production flow in real-time through simple customized dashboards. Their purpose is to make machine data easily analyzed by management and be able to make strategic decisions. The dashboard also allows you to constantly monitor production performance, check the number of injections, alarms and cycle and production times – both automatic and manual – for each machine. Finally, a monitoring system was implemented for the  production plant lighting system, in order to optimize energy consumption.

“Our machines, which date back 20 years, were still functional but no longer performing as needed. Thanks to the collaboration with Zerynth, today we can continue to use them to remotely monitor our production line from a single dashboard: simple, intuitive and accessible from any device and at any time ”, explains Andrea Fornarelli, CEO of Armal. “All this has allowed us to significantly improve our business productivity, also reducing the environmental impact of our production processes”.

*Notes for the press

Confindustria Centro Studi

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