Real-time power consumption monitoring of industrial machinery: with Zerynth, the American company Ergsense optimizes processes, cuts costs, and reduces waste

December 16, 2021

Thanks to the Industry 4.0 integration Ergsense – a US company active in the development of innovative sensors – has achieved a 35% increase in identified energy waste, 40% reduction in downtime, 10,000 times optimized data space. Ergsense has successfully optimized its processes, aided by the real-time power consumption monitoring solution provided by Zerynth.

Greater process productivity and increased competitiveness: these are the objectives that justify the tendency of companies to invest in industry 4.0 technologies. According to the Industry 4.0 Transition Observatory of the School of Management in the Politecnico di Milano, in 2020 the 4.0 services were valued at approximately 275 million euros (7% of the total expenditure), resulting in an increase of 8% compared to last year*.


This is confirmed by Ergsense, a US company active in developing technologies, products, and systems that monitor critical industrial processes and machinery. The company’s original intent was to develop an IoT solution that can quickly collect production data and ensure a non-invasive implementation. Now, Ergsense is able to analyze the energy efficiency of machinery in real-time, thus optimizing processes and reducing waste thanks to the IoT system designed by Zerynth.


In just three months, the Zerynth team supported Ergsense in creating a product capable of monitoring energy consumption of the production processes in real time and sending automatic notifications: an economically sustainable and easy-to-use solution. Specifically, Zerynth supported Ergsense in the development of DTECTS – Detection and Tracking of Energy and Condition Trends System – a three-channel power meter built with using the Zerynth IoT module connected directly to Ergsense’s Cloud through the Zerynth Device Manager – which allows the user to view remote energy consumption data at any time, through intuitive dashboards especially designed for the customer. Ergsense’s solution is now able to collect data from machinery thanks to sensors installed in a non-invasive way and can send this to customers via Wi-Fi, cellular or LoRA connection, while ensuring maximum security.


“Ergsense transitioned from a development environment that was using Arduino to a more professionally supported Zerynth platform about 3 years ago” says Tomm Aldridge, owner of Ergsense. “This project was a big challenge for us and Zerynth’s direct support through its engineers was crucial to our success.”

“The collaboration with Ergsense shows the great possibilities offered by the Internet of Things and underlines the importance for companies to invest in this direction”, explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “Our goal is to simplify the activities of companies that seek not only to optimize their processes but also to design them with a low environmental impact”.

Notes for the press

*Osservatorio Transizione Industria 4.0 della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano 2020-2021

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