Agriculture becomes smart, and with the Internet of Things – optimizes crops, saves water and monitors operations

June 16, 2021

Optimize and double the growth of crops, save 20% of water and save 30% of time in monitoring operations: this is what happens when agriculture becomes smart , as stated by Pierucci , an Italian company that specializes in agricultural and nursery products, which, with Zerynth’s IoT tools,  “digitized” their nursery. 

Last year the primary sector has become increasingly technology driven. Just think that in 2020, the sector with the most significant growth within the IoT market was Smart Agriculture , with an increase in solutions equal to 17% , for a business value of 140 million euros * . With the diffusion of solutions for monitoring and controlling agricultural vehicles and equipment, connected machinery, and robots for field activities, digitization aims to bring more efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness to agriculture

This was demonstrated by Pierucci, a Tuscan company that specializes in agricultural and nursery products, which made its nursery “evolve” thanks to the IoT tools available from the Italian company, Zerynth

Following its mission of supporting companies in the digitalization of industrial processes, and in the development of connected and innovative products, Zerynth, has in fact, provided Pierucci Agricoltura Nurset , an IoT system aimed at recording and monitoring, in real time, the cultivation of plants in the nursery. This has allowed the nursery to double its crop growth, save 20% more water and drastically reduce on-site monitoring operations. 

The solution, conceived by Zerynth, was quickly implemented in Pierucci’s system, which allowed the farm to reach certified standards for environmental and economic sustainability, to participate in the European Regional Development Fund project, and to become a strategic partner for companies in the agricultural sector.

Via sensors ,installed in the technical rooms, the Nurset system designed by Zerynth has allowed Pierucci to remotely detect information on plant health (humidity levels, salinity, substrate temperatures and irrigation times), on the performance of the irrigation system (water consumption and pressure, absorbed power, fertilizer levels), and environmental conditions (temperatures, wind speeds and directions). The data is then sent to a cloud platform for complete remote management of it and can be viewed and analyzed via a customized dashboard, which is accessible from any device. There is also a real-time alarm system with alerts via email or SMS. This has led Pierucci to a 30% savings in terms of time with regard to control and monitoring.

Thanks to this integration, we were able to combine the traditional offer of technical components for agriculture with an advanced and intelligent solution that helps us to optimize crop growth, reduce maintenance costs and limit energy consumption,” says Emanuele Pierucci, CEO of Pierucci srl . “With the help of Zerynth, we have released our solution to the market, which is unique in the agricultural sector. The project was an astounding success: it achieved all objectives in less than 6 months , opened up a new revenue stream for us and significantly increased our competitive advantage. ” 

Notes for the press

* Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano –

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