The waste industry gets smart: with Zerynth’s IoT platform, Elbana Servizi Ambientali reduces consumption and its environmental impact in the protected areas of Elba

September 27, 2022

Thanks to Zerynth’s IoT solutions, Elbana Servizi Ambientali (ESA) – an Italian company that is active in managing the entire waste cycle in the municipal areas of Elba – has optimised processes, reduced consumption, and minimized its environmental impact.

The climate and environmental crisis is having an increasingly negative territorial impact, which represents a threat for the protected areas of Bel Paese. In this regard, making waste cycle management more efficient and scrupulously  monitoring industrial parameters is necessary to ensure greater environmental protection and sustainability.

Precisely, with this objective in mind, Elbana Servizi Ambientali (ESA) – an Italian company that actively manages the waste cycles in the municipal areas on the Island of Elba – has chosen the Zerynth IoT solution that supports companies in digitizing industrial processes and in developing connected and innovative products. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to have a continuous monitoring system over the operation of all the facilities present at the factories, save on costs, and make processes and processing times more efficient creating a decisive impact in terms of both economic and environmental sustainability.

ESA, in particular, needed to constantly monitor all safeguards to avoid any odor leakage caused by ordinary operations. They had to control consumption of all assets present at the plants, as well as controlling the door functions at the warehouses in which the waste and liquid levels are stored inside the tanks, plus making the logistical management of emptying more efficient.

Zerynth’s implemented solution allowed ESA to continuously and quickly supervise all the processes inside the plants with excellent end benefits, especially in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, thanks to the visualization of real-time data on intuitive dashboards, it is now possible to monitor the systems’ consumption operations , and the opening frequency for the warehouse doors.

“We turned to Zerynth because we needed a tool that would allow us to obtain results from an environmental point of view and in the social connective tissue of the territory”, explains Livio Giannotti, Vice President of Elbana Environmental Services. “IoT technology helped us to develop a project aimed at monitoring the most sensitive management processes in order to contain the environmental impact of waste treatment plants on the island of Elba and have a tool measurement capable of providing accurate data for the preparation of our Social Report. “

“Using the Zerynth IoT platform, we are able to remotely monitor multiple machines within the plants,” says Massimo Divers, General Manager of ESA. “Managing processes in real time means being ready to implement optimal strategies to improve their overall functioning. Being able to limit the impact of odors in the areas surrounding the plants was a priority for us. “

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