Work safety in marble quarries: the stone industry gets smart and with the Internet of Things, sustainability and competitiveness increase

January 26, 2022

Reduce damage to materials and save 30% service and overhaul times. Monitor diamond wire performance in real time: With these objectives, Zerynth supported Mega Diamant – a leading company in the production of diamond tools and wires – to guarantee greater safety and productivity in marble quarries thanks to IoT technology.

Following the Covid-19 crisis, the Italian stone and techno-marble industry, always among the most dynamic sectors of Made in Italy, has been able to intercept opportunities offered by the economic recovery. In the first six months of 2021, Italian industry producers of machinery, plants, equipment, and consumables for natural stone processing recorded an increase in foreign sales of 38.8% * This, compared to the same period in the previous year. An impulse received, thanks to technological progress and digitalization, which has led to the use of increasingly sophisticated machinery that meets the highest standards of economic and environmental sustainability, as well as safety. 

Safety in the workplace is an increasingly urgent issue, considering that 1,404 workers died from accidents on the job in 2021, which was an increase of 18% from 2020. *

Precisely, with the aim of optimizing processes and resources, and reducing the risks related to safety, Mega Diamant – a leading company in the production of tools and diamond wires – has chosen a Zerynth IoT solution. Following its mission of supporting companies in the digitization of industrial processes and the development of connected and innovative products, Zerynth, has enabled Mega Diamant to reduce damage to materials by 30%, save 30% of service calls and overhaul maintenance, and monitor the performance of its diamond wire in real time.

Specifically, Zerynth has developed the Wi-Res Box solution, a device for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, allowing Mega Diamant to remotely monitor all of itsmachinery operating parameters in real time, like the speed of rotation, motor frequency, and total amount of energy consumed, as well as increasing workplace safety for all operators.

The device, in fact, is able to alert the operator when the diamond wire needs to be overhauled or replaced thus preventing breakage and preventing damage to people or equipment. This ensures a higher standard of safety in the workplace. Furthermore, through the installation of industrial lamps, any failure, malfunction, or improper use is reported in real time. Additionally, with a specially designed dashboard, Mega Diamant can check all of its data within a simple interactive dashboard that is capable of generating automatic, customized reports and receive real-time alerts in the event of criticalities.

“Our goal was to create a smart solution to monitor, in real time, the machining parameters and the state of wear on our diamond wires, improve safety conditions in the workplace, facilitate our customers in keeping their tool registers and optimize the service times ”explains Marco Bartoli, Managing Director of Mega Diamant. “With the support of Zerynth we have created our customized solution, which is unique in the stone market, and we have achieved the objectives we set in less than 8 months, thereby, increasing the prestige of our brand”.

“The collaboration with Mega Diamant has allowed us to bring our mission to achieve a flexible, safe and sustainable digital transformation within one of the leading sectors of Italian production” explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “Our goal is to help companies not only optimize production, but also improve safety in the workplace, supporting entrepreneurs as much as possible in the transition to Industry 4.0”.

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