Zero: Zerynth’s Copilot Enhancing Factory Efficiency with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Presenting Zero,Zerynth’s Copilot leveraging generative artificial intelligence to help businesses simplify production, reduce energy costs, and manage maintenance for unparalleled efficiency.

February 15, 2024

Pisa, February 15, 2024 – Zerynth, a leading provider of Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing companies, proudly unveils Zero, its new copilot. Zero, will play a crucial role across the entire Zerynth platform, from apps for machinery monitoring and production optimization, to the no-code configurator for seamless integration of new industrial assets.

According to a report* by McKinsey dated January 12, 2024, companies with high digital and AI maturity outperform their competitors, maximizing profits and achieving a 10-20% increase in EBIT within two to three years of digitization. In today’s increasingly digitized landscape, companies with high levels of digital maturity and AI utilization not only outperform competitors but also create new business opportunities.
The study highlights a widening gap between “leader” companies with digital and AI competencies and “laggard” companies that remain undigitized. These findings emphasize the need for companies aiming to stay competitive in the market to invest in digitization and AI technologies.

Generative artificial intelligence is a crucial ally in managing vast amounts of data. Interconnected machinery generates copious amounts of data that require analysis and interpretation, presenting a crucial challenge: the quantity and complexity of data from interconnected machines surpass the analytical and interpretative capabilities of human operators.
As a leader in the IIoT sector, Zerynth recognizes the challenge posed by the quantity and complexity of data generated by interconnected machines, which is why it has launched Zero, a trusted ally designed to  interpret and manage data effectively.

Manufacturing companies currently face significant challenges such as data overload, decision-making inefficiencies, and lack of scalability. That’s why we’ve created Zero, a copilot that will support users on Zerynth’s website, in the Machine Monitoring and Production Insights apps of the Zerynth Platform, and in the Zerynth configurator,” says Daniele Mazzei, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Zerynth. “Zero represents not only an innovative product feature of Zerynth, based on generative AI, but also the culmination of years of field experience, resulting in the training of an advanced AI agent that internalizes our real-world experiences and aspires to achieve a reliability that cannot be taken for granted in the generative AI landscape today.

Zero has been developed using Microsoft Azure OpenAI technology in collaboration with the University of Pisa and is, in fact, a product that goes beyond Generative Artificial Intelligence, based on the new paradigm of RAG* (Retrieval Augmented Generation). RAGcombines the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the ability to retrieve information from external sources. This way, RAG provides richer, more accurate, and relevant texts based on updated and specific data, increasing the quality and reliability of responses.

The copilot will be available on Zerynth’s website starting from February 15, 2024, and will be introduced in Beta version within the Machine Monitoring App during the MECSPE trade fair in Bologna from March 6th to 8th, 2024, serving as a copilot for energy consumption management and maintenance.

Subsequently, it will be integrated into the Production Insights App and the No-Code Configurator, assisting platform users in analyzing advanced production KPIs such as OEE, identifying production bottlenecks, and configuring and installing Zerynth Edge Devices for machinery digitalization.

With its technology, Zerynth aims to support the digitization of manufacturing companies to help them optimize production processes, reduce waste, and remain competitive in an uncertain and ever-evolving market.


* Rewired and running ahead: Digital and AI leaders are leaving the rest behind – McKinsey

* Cos’è la RAG, il futuro dell’Intelligenza Artificiale



Zerynth supports manufacturing companies in streamlining production by increasing the value of interconnected industrial assets. Through the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform, it connects any industrial machinery in less than 3 hours, using a plug-and-play and non-invasive approach, enabling a complete 4.0 transformation with simplicity, speed and security.

Founded in 2015, Zerynth counts a team of over 40 experienced IoT professionals, strategic partnerships with system integrators and technology providers such as SAP, as well as over 150 customers across diverse industries: discrete manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, utilities, and machinery manufacturing. Headquartered in Pisa, Italy, Zerynth is actively  pursuing an ambitious international expansion project.

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