Zerynth joins the Made4.0 Competence Center

July 25, 2023

Pisa, July 25th 2023 —Zerynth, a leading provider of Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing companies, becomes a partner of the Made4.0 Competence Center, which has been supporting Italian manufacturing companies on their digital and sustainable transformation journey since 2020.

With this collaboration, the Competence Center adds another IIoT technology to its array of solutions available to companies, aiming to promote innovation and digitalization within the 4.0 perspective. The goal is to enable SMEs to leverage targeted technologies that reduce waste and inefficiencies, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness and sustainability.

Made4.0 is now one of the active participants in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) for managing funds allocated to companies. It is poised to manage funds amounting to 14 million euros, strategically positioning itself to drive the adoption of advanced solutions in the Italian industrial sector by providing guidance, training, and technology transfer services.

We are thrilled about our collaboration with Made4.0 and  its partners, especially during  this crucial moment for the digitalization of Italian SMEs,” says Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “We aim to provide our technological solutions and expertise for careful and secure monitoring of industrial assets, streamlining processes and resources, while seamlessly integrating with other technologies existing within the company.

The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform enables seamless integration between information technology (IT) platforms and machinery on the industrial shop floor (OT), whether old or new generation. This allows businesses to acquire data from heterogeneous machines and gain a comprehensive view of production processes, departments, or even the entire factory. With Zerynth’s platform, any industrial asset, such as production machinery, auxiliary equipment, or electrical panels, can be connected in just 3 hours to monitor operations, performance, energy consumption, and prevent malfunctions.

We have recently achieved SAP partner certification,” continues Montelisciani, “and we are increasingly committed to developing integrations with major IT systems used by manufacturing companies to facilitate system integrators and consulting firms in complex Industry 4.0 projects, drastically reducing implementation and go-live times. Our goal is to extend digitalization to machinery that was previously less integrable, even in the presence of complex architectures.

We are witnessing growing interest from both national and international players, established companies, and startups to join our partnership. Undoubtedly, this is a sign that the innovation model proposed by MADE is effective for the digital and sustainable development of businesses. The choice of Zerynth, which has been warmly welcomed by the entire Made4.0 partnership, further confirms and strengthens our decisions,” comments Marco Taisch, president of the MADE Competence Center. “In this challenging market moment, with the prospect of an economic slowdown in Italy and Europe, investing in digital technologies and upskilling employees is the only alternative to maintain and increase competitiveness. Moreover, with the increasing demand for sustainable products, being able to demonstrate one’s impact in this regard becomes a strategic advantage.

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