Develop Industry 4.0 solutions in 1 hour without knowing how to program: Zerynth launches the “Industrial IoT APP”

June 29, 2022

Zerynth is launching a new system of configurable, fully customizable Industrial IoT APPs, with an intuitive and no-code interface that does not require programming knowledge or advanced configuration skills. The goal is to simplify and speed up the installation and scalability of production monitoring systems and energy consumption from industrial machinery.

Speed ​​up and simplify industrial monitoring by making industry 4.0 solutions accessible to anyone, even those who do not know how to program. With this goal in mind, Zerynth strengthens its platform with the “Industrial IoT APP” and makes it a plug-and-play solution.

This is an innovative system consisting of a set of APPs that are installed and configured directly from the Zerynth Cloud Core portal that uses an intuitive and no-code “Wizard” interface that does not require the development of programming code. This results in accessiblity to anyone. Flexible and completely customizable, the APPs are able to adapt perfectly to the various needs of the industrial and manufacturing sector and they allow, in less than an hour, the creation of IoT setups aimed to enable the acquisition and enhancement of industrial data.

There are numerous advantages for companies that range from improved production efficiency and greater availability of machinery to a reduction in operating costs and the ability to make decisions based on data. Because of the APP system machine alerts can be immediately identified, which optimises resources and improves production efficiency. Furthermore, through constant monitoring of machinery, it is possible to prevent breakdowns and reduce machine downtime, thus minimizing maintenance interventions, enabling the reduction of energy consumption and defective products, reducing operating costs, and obtaining full visibility of the production process that allows tracking the KPIs and optimizing the final results. 

The Zerynth APPs include data analysis and artificial intelligence processes, data acquisition and filtering algorithms ,and ready-to-use dashboards for data visualization. In a few clicks, it is possible to install on our edge devices the most suitable APP for each machine you want to monitor.

Specifically, the Zerynth Machine Monitoring APP allows you to monitor production and keep energy consumption under control. The Zerynth Machine Insights APP analyzes the effectiveness of production and processes periodic reports. The Zerynth Machine Control APP allows you to control production remotely. The Zerynth Power Consumption Monitoring APP shows an overview of the total energy consumption in the factory, monitors the electrical panels and sub-panels, sends alarms in real time, and produces periodic reports with statistics and KPIs. Each APP can be customized by the user independently or with the support of the Zerynth team, and it is possible to create Custom APPs with features that go beyond those already available.

Finally, the ease of use of Zerynth’s IoT platform allows companies and their business partners to manage the scalability of systems with full autonomy, linked, for example, to the introduction of new assets, new IT systems, optimization of production processes or compliance in order to comply with new management or regulatory requirements.

“Zerynth is evolving to converge with the needs of the manufacturing industry, helping it to digitize itself through powerful, yet easy-to-use and low-impact tools,” says Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth.

“It is with this in mind that we have created our innovative Industrial IoT App system, with the goal of speeding up the installation and scalability of monitoring systems for production and energy consumption of industrial machinery in an intuitive way and making it within everyone’s reach. ”, Explains Daniele Mazzei, Chief Product Officer of Zerynth.

To better understand how the new Zerynth product works, you can access the webinar registration at this link.

About Zerynth

Zerynth helps companies digitalize their production processes and develop connected industrial products through a plug-and-play IoT platform designed to enable the 4.0 digital transformation of any industrial machine in a fast, flexible, and secure way.

Founded in 2015, Zerynth has grown steadily. Today it has 35+ team members with deep IoT expertise and industry knowledge with over 100 customers across many industries: from manufacturing to agriculture to energy to logistics. Zerynth is based in Pisa, Italy, and it is currently active in international projects, and foresees an expansion plan in EU and non-EU countries during the next three years. 

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