Zerynth Wins Digital360 Awards 2023 in the IoT Category

The company secures the prestigious award with the project “Vitesco Technologies Italy: IIoT & AI to Reduce Machine Downtime in Automotive”

Voted by a jury of over 200 CIOs from major firms leading digital innovation in Italy

Pisa, October 4, 2023 – Zerynth, a leader in Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing companies, clinches the most prestigious recognition in digital innovation by winning the Digital360 Awards in the Internet of Things (IoT) category, presenting the project developed in collaboration with Vitesco Technologies Italy.

A jury composed of over 200 CIOs from major Italian companies awarded the prize, emphasizing the importance of digital transformation as a driver of growth for individuals, businesses, and the market.
The collaboration between Zerynth and Vitesco Technologies Italy – a key player in the automotive sector – aimed to enable real-time connection and monitoring of test machinery on the assembly line, allowing to predict malfunctions and reduce machine downtimes.
The project involved the Industry 4.0 integration of the assembly line with the company’s IT systems through non-invasive retrofitting based on IoT devices and the implementation of AI algorithms for data analysis and predictive maintenance directly on the devices.
The results achieved were extraordinary: Vitesco can now predict malfunctions and pneumatic valve breakdowns with a remarkable 24-hour advance notice, resulting in up to a 70% reduction in machine downtimes.

Today, data availability is essential to have knowledge about one’s assets and production processes to make informed decisions,” said Daniele Mazzei, Chief Product Officer of Zerynth. “Without data, the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms would not be possible. In collaboration with Vitesco, we were able to achieve these results in just six months, the time needed to acquire enough data to process and train AI algorithms and accurately predict malfunctions.

Zerynth has demonstrated a high ability to manage and install IoT systems, along with excellent analysis and programming skills for sophisticated systems like Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Additionally, they managed the project by applying advanced methodologies and meeting the set timelines and targets,” stated Alessio Papucci, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) & Advanced Technology Leader Vitesco Technologies Italy.

This victory at the Digital360 Awards 2023 represents a significant acknowledgment of the success and innovation achieved by Zerynth and Vitesco Technologies Italy in developing cutting-edge IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the manufacturing sector, thus contributing to accelerating digital transformation in Italy and beyond.



Zerynth supports manufacturing companies in enhancing production efficiency and maximizing the value of their interconnected industrial assets. The Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform offers a plug-and-play solution, which seamlessly connects with any industrial machinery in less than 3 hours, while maintaining a non-invasive approach. This enables a complete 4.0 transformation with simplicity, speed and security.

Founded in 2015, Zerynth has grown to a team of more than 40 experienced IoT professionals. We have forged strategic partnerships with system integrators and technology providers such as SAP, and we serve more than 150 client companies across various industries, including discrete manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, utilities and machinery manufacturing. While headquartered in Pisa, Italy, Zerynth is actively pursuing an ambitious international expansion.

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