Zerynth Common Data Model

The smartest way to gather, analyse and embed your machinery’s data!

Zerynth Common Data Model

The smartest way to gather, analyse and embed your machinery’s data!

What is the Zerynth Common Data Model?

What is the Zerynth Common Data Model?

Zerynth Common Data Model is an integral part of the Zerynth Platform. It’s a unified and standardised data structure aimed at harmonising machinery’s data gathering, storage and analysis. Unlike traditional methods (that require extensive machinery modifications), Zerynth only extracts the essential data needed for the most relevant KPIs, often only requiring access to the machine’s energy consumption profile.

Our Machine Learning Algorithms, developed after years of experiences and a vast amount of data collected, allow for access to accurate insights without having to install invasive machinery modifications. Our approach makes digital transformation faster, standardised and more efficient. Our Solution is also scalable, allowing for new KPIs and data to be added if needed.

zerynthWhat are the benefits?

What are the benefits?


Data standardisation and scalability

The standardisation of data collected from various devices simplifies integration and analysis, reducing complexity and operational costs.  A common data structure allows companies to easily scale their operations, adding new devices and machinery without the need for complex configurations.


Data Science and Advanced AI

Zerynth Common Data Model standardises how data is represented, allowing the usage of advanced data science techniques and AI algorithms on the collected data.


Predictive analytics

Data standardisation in the ZCDM allows for easier identification of patterns and trends, allowing prediction and identification of potential breakdowns or maintenance needs before they can disrupt the production process, thus reducing downtime and improving productivity.


Efficient Analytics

Standardised data enables more effective applications of machine learning and AI algorithms, improving the quality of insights obtained.


Easy integration

A CDM simplifies integration with other business software and systems, increasing flexibility and adaptability to future needs.

AI revolution-proof

AI revolution-proof

AI-Ready Infrastructure

The Common Data Model is the foundation for an AI-ready infrastructure, facilitating the integration of AI and machine learning technologies… it’s also the core foundation for Zero, Zerynth’s Industrial AI Copilot!

Advanced Business Intelligence

Zerynth has developed a detailed taxonomy of machinery, enabling the aggregation and analysis of performance data by category. This approach facilitates the identification of areas for improvement, optimizing operational efficiency.

Generative AI

The structure of the CDM and the machinery taxonomy enable the powering of Generative AI models, such as Zero, our Industrial AI Copilot. Additionally, we can develop customized models based on specific needs, further enhancing productivity and data analysis.

The Zerynth Common Data Model is critical to industrial digitization and productivity improvement. Its versatile and scalable structure, combined with the smooth integration of AI technologies, positions Zerynth as a leader in the digital transformation of companies, offering advanced operational insights and reducing operational costs.

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