On-Demand Webinar

Bista Solutions Presents:
The Connected Factory
Mastering Zerynth-Odoo Integration

Discover how Bista Solutions can enhance your industrial repair business by integrating Zerynth and Odoo solutions seamlessly. With Zerynth’s innovative IoT platform and Odoo’s robust ERP system, Bista Solutions can create a powerful synergy that optimizes operations, enables real-time monitoring, and enhances decision-making.


Diego Comina

Chief Growth Officer, Zerynth

Faisal Basal

Chief Executive Officer, Bista Solutions


  • Introduction to The Connected Factory
  • Overview of Bista Solutions and Odoo
  • Odoo for Manufacturing
  • Presenting Zerynth
  • Common Manufacturing Challenges
  • Benefits of the Zerynth-Odoo Integration
  • Integration Flow & Best Practices
  • Success Stories
  • Live Q&A Session