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Get more value from your machines.
Discover Zerynth Platform.

Discover how to increase visibility on your production, streamline your processes, and enhance the value of your connected industrial products with the Zerynth IoT & AI Platform.

In just a 30 minutes-long platform demo, our Chief Product Officer, Daniele Mazzei, has demonstrated how our Industry 4.0 solutions can support companies in the digitalization process, to streamline production processes and optimize production.


Daniele Mazzei, CPO of Zerynth

Daniele Mazzei

Chief Product Officer, Zerynth

Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI Platform is a complete plug-and-play solution designed to quickly and non-invasively connect any industrial machine in less than 3 hours. Discover how to integrate all your machinery into a single view and watch our on-demand webinar.

Learn how you can get complete visibility of your processes – production, auxiliary, or service machinery, both old and new generation.At Zerynth we are committed to delivering solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.  That’s why the Zerynth Platform is continually updated and improved to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industrial IoT landscape.