On-Demand Webinar

Zerynth expands connectivity for industrial machines with new cellular IoT solutions

On October 14th at 15:00 pm CET, we launched our new Zerynth IoT cellular products designed for industrial applications. New hardware products and cloud solutions to unlock the cellular digitalization of industrial processes were showcased.

During this 30-min on-demand webinar, you will discover how the Zerynth IoT cellular products have the power to enable you to connect every industrial machine in your plant without needing access to Wi-Fi. Managers will be able to monitor KPIs of their assets and production cycles wherever they are located and receive real-time alerts to take immediate action.


  • Welcome
  • Zerynth reveals the IoT power to connect every machine or product
    Emanuela Cecchetti, Director of Marketing
  • Zerynth presents IoT solutions for cellular connectivity designed for industrial applications
    Daniele Mazzei, Chier Innovation Officer
  • Zerynth goes to the field to show a real industrial application: monitoring the entire process of biogas production
    Daniele Mazzei, Chief Innovation Officer
  • How Zerynth guarantees data reliability on IoT devices
    Giacomo Baldi, CTO
  • Q&A