Industry 4.0

Industrial Edge Computing
on the Shop Floor

How to prepare an architecture suitable for AI and 5G

Edge Computing is a trending paradigm in IT, especially in Industrial IoT. In this white paper we’ll discuss the concepts and practices that help prepare industrial level edge architecture that makes it suitable for deploying in sister technologies: AI and 5G. Together, they provide valuable low latency shop floor operations, insights, optimization, and automation possibilities.

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Edge computing is one of the hot topics at the moment and everybody is talking about it, often without fully understanding it, as it happens when technology approaches buzz word status.

It is not a technology but a paradigm: a way of doing calculations that improve the outcome in terms of costs, latency and resilience to outages. You can monitor and automate your shop floor by applying the principles of edge computing.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • What is egde computing – why it is not a technology but a paradigm.
  • Edge computing on the shop floor: advantages – monitoring assets, storing data, and getting information.
  • Edge computing in action – useful guidelines to help you build your own system.
  • Deploying edge computing – choosing the right hardware and software, and more.