Preventive and Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Zerynth & Safetykleen

Discover how integrating IoT technologies with solutions for cleaning machinery parts cleaning can revolutionize maintenance practices in industrial plants.

Leveraging IoT solutions for preventive and predictive maintenance techniques enables the scheduling of necessary interventions to minimize failures, resulting in significant cost reductions and improved production efficiency. 

To further shorten the duration of required maintenance interventions, it is possible to rely on an effective and efficient solution for cleaning the mechanical components of assembly lines, ensuring a quicker and smoother return to production.

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predictive maintenance
manutenzione predittiva

In this white paper, in collaboration with Safetykleen we will explore how to implement predictive or preventive maintenance techniques. The adoption of process and production optimization strategies, and a professional parts washing solution can drastically reduce the duration of a maintenance intervention and increase its effectiveness through accurate removal of contaminants.


  • Maintenance 4.0 with Industrial IoT4
  • What is the situation in Italy?
  • Systems for parts washing in maintenance operations
  • Case study: how companies can improve efficiency of their assets