Organizational well-being refers to the extent to which we can develop and maintain the psychological, physical, and social well-being of resources within a work environment. 

We have emphasized multiple times that paying attention to the well-being of individuals is crucial for companies. There is a growing awareness among companies that the development of organizational well-being is directly linked to increased effectiveness and productivity.

For this reason, at Zerynth, we annually send an anonymous questionnaire to our employees to assess the company climate and the level of well-being, always with the aim of improving work life. Read this article to learn more!

Zerynth’s Analysis: The Objective

The objective of the analysis is to understand the experiences, perceptions, elements of satisfaction, and dissatisfaction that characterize individuals working at Zerynth, aiming to identify areas for improvement.

The goal is to support the motivation and commitment of employees and their sense of belonging. For the climate analysis, an online questionnaire with closed-ended questions was submitted to maintain the anonymity of respondents and, therefore, allow sincere and open responses. Questions about gender and age were omitted to ensure confidentiality.

Investigated Factors – General Data

We asked employees to rate various factors within Zerynth on a scale of 1 to 4 (where 4 indicates “completely agree” and 1 indicates “completely disagree”). The factors evaluated more positively include fairness, autonomy, and control (interpreted as the ability to make decisions regarding one’s work).

factors analysis

Fig. 1 The General Factors Investigated

The level of conflict in the company is perceived as very low, and compared to the analysis conducted in 2022, Zerynth’s employees perceive less stress this year. Additionally, the investigated factors are perceived similarly across all teams, with scores being nearly identical.

Work at Zerynth: Exploring Employee Well-being

We investigated the variable of goals to understand how aware employees are of the organization’s defined purposes and objectives.

company goals

fig. 2 Representation of Company Goals Awareness

The overall analysis shows that, on average, employees have adequate awareness of the organization’s goals and objectives (average 3.4). Most respondents state that the strategy is clearly communicated to all staff; however, 22% of the population disagrees with this statement.

Another interesting data point is engagement, which measures satisfaction and fulfillment derived from one’s work.

The overall analysis of the variable shows that the majority of employees are passionate about their work. At the end of the day, 92% of respondents are satisfied with their work, and 96% of the population is proud of the work they do.

Other noteworthy points include employees’ autonomy in their work and control over decision-making possibilities. The majority of respondents (93%) feel they can organize their work as they wish, and almost all Zerynth employees say they have a say in their work rhythms, both regarding breaks and work methods. Additionally, 85% of the population reports having the possibility of flexible working hours.


Fig. 4 Degree of Autonomy


Fig. 5 Level of Control

Leadership and Conflict: What is the Atmosphere Like at Zerynth

We asked employees to analyze communications and relationships with area leaders by examining perceptions of leadership style. Most respondents defined the leadership style as democratic, where managers listen to the team and value individual contributions, creating engagement.

Decisions in this leadership style are often made through participative mechanisms, fostering a positive atmosphere where leaders pay attention to various variables within the group.

Another investigated factor is conflict, exploring the presence of difficulties among organization members. The overall analysis shows low levels of conflict on average, and all respondents agree that there are no marginalized individuals in the company.


Fig. 6 Levels of Conflict

Burn-Out: How Stressed Are People at Zerynth?

Analyzing overcommitment, the perception of feeling obligated to exert effort beyond one’s capabilities, we note that, on average, Zerynth employees have a low perception of overcommitment (1.9). Last year, this item received an average of 2.18, indicating improvement in this area.


Fig. 7 Degree of Overcommitment

85% of the population does not start thinking about work-related problems as soon as they wake up, and 70% of the population reports not sacrificing too much for work.

Finally, when examining the level of stress and the psychological burden of work activities, it is noted that, on average, Zerynth employees experience a low level of stress (av=1.7), which is lower than the previous year’s level (av=2.0).


The analysis conducted on the company climate has provided valuable insights into the feelings and perceptions of Zerynth employees in their daily lives. In general, we can affirm that the company is perceived as a place where “Organizational Well-being” is evident.

This is also thanks to the continuous work we do every day to improve situations that can lead to stress and conflict. Our employees are free to express their opinions every day, even anonymously, by leaving a note in one of the Suggestion Boxes in our office. We believe this is crucial for continuously improving our work environment.

Although the analysis is positive, our work does not stop here, and we aim to continually improve daily life within Zerynth. Follow us to stay updated on our upcoming initiatives dedicated to corporate well-being!

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti
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