Zerynth provides a dynamic and fulfilling working environment with excellent growth opportunities. Every team member  an active part in driving positive change.

Zerynth cares about its employees, offering a welcoming and open environment.

The Zerynth team is diverse and comprises people with different backgrounds but the same spirit and goal: to grow together!

Thanks to workshops and team building, it has been possible to identify our central values to enhance them daily within our working life. Today we are talking about Client Focus!

The Team’s Opinion: Client Focus

“For me, Zerynth is, first and foremost, fun. I have a lot of fun working on this part of product development. Then, among other things, I love the team that has been created. This is a big family. I come to Zerynth to have fun and feel good.”
Daniele Mazzei, CPO and Co-Founder of Zerynth

Client Focus for our team means caring about the customer to understand their needs to find a suitable solution.

In summary, we prioritize both  “effectiveness and efficiency” in our approach. This mean actively listening to our clients to understand their business needs and to find the best solution in the shortest possible time.

Join the Team: the selection process

Expertise is the key aspect of our work, starting with the selection process, which is clear and simple. Here it is broken down into a few steps:

  • Application on LinkedIn or from our website career page
  • First cognitive meeting in virtual mode
  • Possible Online Skills Test
  • Meeting with the company’s manager and senior staff
  • Meeting with our CEO in the Zerynth offices

Please look at our open positions and learn more about joining the Team!

5 tips for a successful interview at Zerynth

You need to be goal-oriented if you want to be a part of the Zerynth team.. That is why we want to give you 5 tips for a successful interview at Zerynth:

  1. Take the interview as a chat, be yourself!
  2. Describe your skills
  3. Experiences are important
  4. You can always learn
  5. Diversity is your strength

We also wanted to explain this in a simple video; now, you must apply!

Activities in the office: the Zerynth Library

We not only focus on client satisfaction but also on the well-being of our employees, and we do this by offering different activities in the office. For example, we want to tell you about the Zerynth Library today.

Everyone can borrow books from the Zerynth Library and have the opportunity to choose from several alternatives.

Here we recommend two books that fully reflect the value of Focus on Client: OKR Revolution and Blue Ocean Strategy.

The first illustrates the system of objectives and key results, a system used by Zerynth to define the team’s goals and measurement methods.

Besides being a Best Seller, the second is helpful for the ability to innovate, think outside the box, and create value for customers.

Open positions

Zerynth is a fast-growing company. In fact, we are constantly looking for new personnel to join the team and support our activities.

Discover the positions currently open, and if you don’t find the right one, don’t worry! Send us your application and your CV anyway, and we will consider you for future positions.

Take a look at the position of an IoT Engineering Manager.

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti is Zerynth's HR Specialist. Her activities center on dealing with administration and human resources management. Degreed in Sociology and Social Research, she is passionate about work organization and joined the Zerynth Team with the aim of streamlining internal processes and helping the company to grow by adding new resources and promoting corporate culture. Curiosity: vegetarian.

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