Zerynth offers excellent growth opportunities and is a space where the whole Team feels an active part of the change. Every company member has the opportunity to express themselves, thus creating a purposeful and inspiring workplace.

Zerynth cares about its employees and offers them a dynamic, welcoming, and flexible environment.

People with different backgrounds and different/variegated skills but with a common goal: to grow together.

Through workshops and team building, it has been possible to identify our core values and enhance them daily within the office. First, let’s talk about Competence!

The Team’s Opinion: Competence

“For me, Zerynth is a place where you can achieve success through hard work every day, incrementally over time.”

Giacomo Baldi, CTO and Co-Founder of Zerynth

Competence for our Team means offering customers a product built according to their needs, which is dynamic, with the ability to change and meet market demands.

The watchword is “never stop.” Competence is the ability to adapt to different contexts, with the stimulus to improve and keep up with new ideas and technologies constantly.

Join the Team: the selection process

We see expertise in every part of our work, starting with the selection process, which is clear, simple, and broken down into a few steps:

  • Application on LinkedIn or from our website
  • First cognitive meeting in virtual mode
  • Possible Online Skills Test
  • Meeting with the company’s manager and senior staff
  • Meeting with our CEO in the Zerynth offices

Please look at our open positions and learn more about joining the Team!

Reasons to join us: work-life balance and daycare agreement

We need to maintain a work-life balance by offering the possibility of flexible work, both in terms of hours and location.

It is often possible to achieve goals outside our offices from the comfort of home! Building a healthy and positive work environment is essential, which is why we make a point of creating team-building moments and activities.

team building Zerynth

In addition, among the benefits and corporate welfare for us, we offer Zerynth employees with children a daycare and preschool agreement.

The agreement offers a discount on the annual enrollment of our employees’ children in daycare and preschool within walking distance of our offices.

Zerynth’s Welcome Box

We are offering new Zerynth entrants a Welcome Bag to give them our warm welcome personally and with a small gift.

The gadgets inside are handy both for life inside and outside our offices.

Want a preview of what’s inside? You can watch the video below to find out.

But the Zerynth gadgets didn’t end there! We thought of keeping the Team warm this Christmas by giving them caps. We loved them!

Open positions

Zerynth, as a fast-growing company, is continuously looking for new staff who want to join the Team and support us in our activities.

Look at the current open positions, and if you don’t find the right one, don’t worry! Send us your resume anyway, and we will keep it in mind for upcoming job positions!

Take a look at the IoT Sales Manager position.

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti is Zerynth's HR Specialist. Her activities center on dealing with administration and human resources management. Degreed in Sociology and Social Research, she is passionate about work organization and joined the Zerynth Team with the aim of streamlining internal processes and helping the company to grow by adding new resources and promoting corporate culture. Curiosity: vegetarian.

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