In the fast-paced world of industrial production, operational efficiency is essential for success. The challenge? Extracting valuable insights from machinery to optimize production. 

But what if we told you that a single current sensor could revolutionize your monitoring strategy? Welcome to the world of Zerynth, where AI+IoT opens the door to new opportunities for strategic effectiveness and operational efficiency.

The Innovation behind Zerynth: A single platform for Production KPIs

Imagine a portal that gives you a complete overview of production performance, regardless of the nature of your machinery. With its state-of-the-art solution, Zerynth has created precisely that.

Zerynth’s IoT & AI platform is designed to extract a wide range of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) useful for assessing operational efficiency, quality and resource utilization in production.

Improving machinery utilization involves adopting strategically effective techniques to collect, analyze and manage real-time data from machinery, identifying potential inefficiencies before they occur and minimizing breakdowns.

The Portal Structure: Machinery Monitoring, Production Analysis, Maintenance and Energy Consumption

The IoT+AI platform, complete with hardware and software, allows you to connect any industrial asset or machinery and gain complete visibility into any production process. How?

The Zerynth portal is organised into different sections, each dedicated to a key aspect of production:

  • Machinery Monitoring: Here, you can monitor in real time  your machinery performance, utilization, alarms and many related statistics. These dashboards will offer an immediate snapshot of your machines’ operational efficiency.
  • Production Analysis: In this section, the focus is on quality and productivity. Beyond simply counting produced parts, you can evaluate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), average machine cycle time, average operation cycle time, and other process efficiency metrics. It’s a bit like conducting ‘Time and Methods’ in real time!
  • Maintenance: Identifying and addressing the causes of downtime is crucial. Within this section, you can analyze the time spent on alarms, identify the main causes of downtime, and evaluate the performance of repair actions. You can also set alarms and notifications for maintenance-related deadlines and generate reports on actions taken.
  • Energy Consumption: Optimizing energy consumption stands as an important goal for modern companies. In this section, you will find detailed information on the energy costs associated with production. You will be able to monitor both the energy consumption per machine and per product unit, as well as the distribution of energy in the switchboards, and thus gain valuable insights into the various plant lines, or sections and departments of your company.

A Current Sensor: A Silent Revolution

The heart of this revolution is a seemingly simple element: a current sensor. This device can monitor the electrical energy used by your machinery. But what makes this simple measurement so powerful?

One of the main roles of the current sensor in an IoT platform is to measure the energy consumption of electrical devices or systems. This measurement can be used to monitor operational efficiency, energy consumption, identify energy waste and calculate energy costs. The detection of changes in electrical current indicates, for example, possible anomalies or problems in connected devices or circuits, preventing failures or accidents.

From the analysis of the consumption profile of each machine, thanks to Machine Learning algorithms that run on board our Edge Devices, the Zerynth platform is able to infer the machine’s state, count produced parts, and calculate cycle times. These parameters are then sent to our cloud, thus allowing us to generate many KPIs that feed the various sections of the platform and our dashboards.

Data from current sensors can be integrated with other data sources in the IoT platform, such as temperature sensors, humidity, vibration, etc. This enables a basic Zerynth installation to evolve into a complex and advanced machinery analysis system, leading to scenarios such as predictive maintenance. Indeed, data visibility is essential to obtain valuable insights to improve operational efficiency and electrical systems’ reliability.

Zerynth Edge Devices: The System Engine

Zerynth Edge Devices are the key enabler of this innovative solution. They run the 4ZeroAgent system, an advanced technology that captures real-time data and sends it to the cloud for processing. The beauty lies in their versatility: this solution works on both legacy and state-of-the-art machines, allowing any company to enjoy its benefits.

Further benefits include remote control capabilities and data integration with other systems. Our Edge devices also allow modern machinery to be interfaced via the most common OT protocols, thus going beyond simple monitoring. For example, you can send recipes to machines or change working speed and set points on auxiliary equipment.

Now imagine extracting all those KPIs from a single current sensor: OEE, machine cycle time, energy cost per part produced, downtime rate and many more. The Zerynth platform processes the collected data, offering a comprehensive analysis that will help you make informed decisions to optimize production and increase operational efficiency.

The Universal Truth: Simple Data, Extraordinary Results

Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous quote ‘Give me a lever and a foothold and I will lift the world‘ has never been more relevant. Today, with a simple current sensor and the Zerynth platform, you can lift your production to unprecedented levels of operational efficiency and quality. AI+IoT makes possible what once seemed unattainable.

In conclusion, Zerynth proves that you don’t need a complex apparatus to achieve extraordinary results. Just one innovation can radically change your approach to production. The Zerynth portal, with its intuitive dashboards and valuable data, is the key to unlocking your company’s true potential.

Interested in learning more? Book a meeting with one of our IoT Experts to discover the applications of the Zerynth Platform to optimize your business!

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About the Author: Daniele Mazzei

Daniele Mazzei
Daniele is the CPO and co-founder of Zerynth. His strong interest in the interaction between people and intelligent objects led him to co-found Zerynth and to design connected devices and Industrial IoT applications. After earning a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, he is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa.

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