Given the continuous evolution of Industrial IoT, staying updated on the latest industry trends in 2024 is crucial.

Thanks to significant anticipated advancements, emerging technologies will revolutionize the way we interact with devices and each other. In this article, we’ll delve into some key Industrial IoT trends, such as data-driven predictive technologies, human-machine interaction, and the advent of Industry 5.0.

The past year posed challenges for manufacturing industries, including pandemic recovery, supply chain issues, and workforce shortages. However, innovation opportunities have grown, driven by technology that will continue to fuel progress in 2024. Let’s explore the main trends!

Data-Driven Predictive Technologies

Unplanned downtime is a significant resource waste for manufacturers. Machine breakdowns heavily impact profits, jeopardize deadlines, and negatively affect equipment lifespan and production quality.

With the continuous development of remote real-time monitoring, predictive technology will take a significant step forward in 2024. Predictive maintenance is a prime example of these advancements.

Predictive maintenance enables immediate maintenance management, quick decision-making, machinery performance optimization, and reduced maintenance costs. From sensors to continuous monitoring, the focus is on efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring of Machines and Assets

While machinery condition monitoring has been on the rise in manufacturing, 2024 is poised for a breakthrough. The increased usage of sensors will allow real-time monitoring of machinery status, ensuring more effective maintenance, extended equipment lifespan, and superior quality.

machine monitoring

Fig. 1 Machine Monitoring App

Monitoring industrial machines and assets enables comprehensive control, real-time performance tracking, updates on maintenance activities, and immediate actions.

Human-Machine Interaction

In 2024, with the emergence of Industry 5.0, the goal is to create an environment where machines actively collaborate with humans. Machines handle repetitive, tedious, and sometimes heavy tasks, allowing humans to focus on activities requiring critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

This requires developing more sophisticated cognitive systems based on AI and continuous machine learning, enabling machines to learn from past experiences to enhance their performance.

IoT will play an increasingly crucial role in intelligently connecting machines, products, and systems, enabling real-time monitoring and control.

Industry 5.0: The Fifth Industrial Revolution

The rapid growth of 4.0 technologies, particularly in ICT, robotics, and AI, have given rise to the next industrial revolution: Industry 5.0. Contrary to concerns about technology replacing humans, Industry 5.0 places a strong emphasis on collaborative interaction between machines and humans.

The ultimate goal is to increase production value,  better aligning with consumer needs. Industry 5.0 goes beyond efficiency and productivity, focusing on the well-being of workers and placing them at the center of the production process.

industry 5.0

Fig. 2 Pillars of Industry 5.0

The three Pillars of Industry 5.0

The three pillars of Industry 5.0 are:

  • Human Centricity: Treating people not merely as a means but as the ultimate goal, with companies serving individuals.
  • Resilience: Prioritizing agility and flexibility, creating organizations capable of anticipating, reacting, and promptly learning from any crisis.
  • Sustainability: Integrating sustainability into organizations as part of the solution, making companies contributors to positive change.

What to Expect and How Zerynth Can Help

In 2024, we are stepping into a new era where innovation and progress merge with human creativity. Technology has always supported humanity, enhancing our daily lives.

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