Zerynth expands its Partner Network by welcoming Bnova, a consulting firm based in Massa, Rome, and Milan.

Manufacturing companies need innovation and digitalization to tackle daily challenges in a continuously changing market with increasingly massive competition.

Zerynth and Bnova: Strength in Unity

The collaboration addresses the need for a comprehensive and structured approach to data analysis within the manufacturing sector.  It encompasses various stages, from data preparation and integrations of heterogeneous sources through complex architectures, to the analysis of all data coming from the IIoT world with a view to real-time monitoring and predictive analysis.

Since 2015, Zerynth has been supporting manufacturing companies in streamlining production, increasing the value of interconnected industrial assets.

Thanks to Zerynth, valuable data can be extracted from any industrial machinery and even from electrical panels.

Bnova, with its extensive experience in data analysis, offers specific skills in data governance management. This includes a data-driven approach, data preparation, ensuring data quality, and metadata management.

The Partnership

The collaboration between Bnova and Zerynth is configured as a strategic partnership that combines the expertise of the two companies to offer complete and innovative solutions in the field of data analysis and Industrial IoT.

The goal of the partnership is to provide  manufacturing companies with solutions able  to accelerate their digitization processes. This endeavor aligns closely with the objectives outlined in the Government’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), where digitalization stands as a cornerstone.

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About the Author: Luigi Bondi

Luigi is part of the Sales team at Zerynth. He has many years of experience in sales and is curious and passionate about new technologies. He helps companies achieve their goals in the areas of production process efficiency and sustainability. He loves traveling with his Family, participating and organizing fun events.

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