The partnership involves the use of Zerynth’s IoT platform to connect industrial assets, extract data, and optimize production processes.

ALTEN, a global leader in consulting for advanced engineering and IT technologies, has chosen the Zerynth Industrial IoT & AI platform to connect any industrial machinery in a non-invasive, plug-and-play approach. The goal is to extract meaningful data and leverage it to optimize production processes and reduce inefficiencies.

It is only by starting from data and awareness that the needs for streamlining and improving production processes can be identified.

The digital maturity of Italian manufacturing companies is still dramatically lagging. Some companies still prefer paper sheets, and the more advanced ones use barcodes as a production tracking tool. All of this makes the use of a real-time data analysis system impractical.

Today, data is processed at the end of the year, during the budgeting process, or quarterly, in more advanced settings. In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies must rely on real-time reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of production trends.

Failure to do so risks losing touch with reality, an unsustainable scenario in the dynamic business landscape.

Companies can remain competitive in the market only by investing in technologies that enhance both efficiency and quality.

By combining Zerynth’s IoT technology with the expertise of ALTEN professionals, we aim to offer increasingly sophisticated tools for performance monitoring and decision support, configured with objective parameters and based on reliable data.

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Emanuela Cecchetti
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