This month we are exploring the topic of energy efficiency and optimization for industrial environments. Today we would like to take a look at why retrofitting industrial machinery is a cost-effective and rapid solution.

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Retrofitting – cost-effective and easy to set up

With many companies queuing up to join the Industry 4.0 transformation, one of the main challenges is their budgets. This is precisely why retrofitting legacy machinery is the most cost-effective solution in this case.

For many businesses, replacing whole manufacturing lines is out of the question. Firstly, as we mentioned, because of the cost, and second, because their legacy machinery is functioning, and replacing it would be wasteful. In the ever-growing need to be sustainable, this is clear why retrofitting is so beneficial.

If you would like to learn more about industrial machinery retrofitting take a look at our white paper “Industrial Machine Retrofitting – The opportunity to evolve your company in Industry 4.0 in a sustainable way.” It is an excellent way to get a bird’s eye view of how the Zerynth IoT Platform enables machinery retrofitting and supports companies in their transition to Industry 4.0.

Energy-efficient retrofitting

What are some simple ways to reduce energy consumption with industrial machine retrofitting?

Firstly, with real-time monitoring of machine operations, it’s easy to reduce idle time, thus lowering energy consumption; furthermore, with lighting control of all equipment, it’s possible to reduce energy costs by turning the lights off automatically, when the machines are not in operation.

What’s more is, that with real-time monitoring and reporting enabled, it’s easy to see what parts of the production process are using up the most energy, and to decide what can be reduced.

Watch our on-demand webinar – optimized energy efficiency

Finally, don’t hesitate to watch our on-demand webinar to learn what industry experts and companies, who have already implemented energy optimization technologies, have to say on the topic of energy efficiency.

During this 30-min webinar, you will discover how Zerynth, with Ergsense, created a complete IoT solution to monitor energy consumption parameters of machines with a non-invasive implementation.

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