Imprinting a corporate and team building culture on the values of innovation, competence, and customer focus is of fundamental importance to be able to feel part of a team that works in synergy and shares the same values. But what do Zerynth’s collaborators think? And above all, what does it mean for them to be a part of Team Zerynth?

What it means to be part of Zerynth

With the help of People2Results, the Zerynth Team was asked to answer some simple questions that would help everyone understand the meaning of being part of Zerynth and help consolidate the corporate culture.

The goal was to understand how Zerynth employees experience their work and to identify the most important characteristics that reflect our company. All Zerynth teams were asked to answer simple questions ( open and closed) in the form of an anonymous questionnaire. In fact, no questions about gender, age, or target groups were introduced to ensure that responses were unbiased and honest.

Describe Zerynth in three words 

Answering the question: “How would you describe Zerynth in three words?”Team Zerynth responded with adjectives, such as “ambitious”, “dynamic”, “brilliant”, “stimulating”, and nouns like “opportunity”, “growth”, “evolution”, “seriousness”, and “innovation” to voice concerns about the future.

The team described Zerynth as an innovative and continuously improvement-oriented company (44%), determined, effective, and results-oriented (25%), and as a brilliant and competent work team (25%) consisting of experimenters who fight together to win.

Product potential and strategies are some strengths on which the team relies. This attitude led to some interesting answers that emerged such as: “We are what is lacking in Italy (and perhaps in the world) for IoT”.
team building Zerynth

Figure 1. As a company, our team describes us like this

Competence and customer focus

Upon analyzing the questionnaire, some of the factors that motivated the staff the most, as well as what most characterizes Zerynth, were mainly their concern for a stimulating and pleasant work environment, growth opportunities, and a work-life balance.

Certainly, other very positive factors were the content of the work and the great variety of objectives given to collaborators, as well as relationships with colleagues. Giving thanks to team building opportunities, this was made increasingly solid.

On the basis of team building, there is a good alignment between what the Zerynth staff thinks and the way they perceive the culture of values. In particular, the values of focus on the customer and company competence are strongly embellished.
competence team building Zerynth

Figure 2. Competence and focus on the customer

Concreteness and innovation

A strong alignment with respect to the achievement of objectives surrounded the answers for concreteness. Regarding innovation, on the one hand, one part of the team sees innovation as a goal, and on the other hand, some recognize innovation as a means, a tool, for achieving business goals.

Figure 3. Concreteness and innovation

Wheels of a single machine that move in the same direction

Other values that emerged from the questionnaire include: being flexible to change, accepting new challenges and always seeking to improve, and changing direction when the company strategy takes a different direction.

Strong trust in colleagues, inclusion, and respect for others are values we are very proud of as a company and are supported by an ongoing commitment to creating team building opportunities that make the whole team feel part of one team.

Zerynth sees itself as a family where “we are all the wheels of a perfect car, moving in the same direction toward success through rational driver decisions.

We attach great importance not only to the relational aspect but also to the team’s freedom to express their needs and opinions. That is why it is essential to introduce and promote team building courses in companies.

The survey shows that Zerynth’s teams not only value continuous professional growth stimulated by a creative, positive and challenging environment, but also view collaboration and relationships with colleagues based on mutual respect and trust positively.

At Zerynth everyone feels part of the family, and we  encourage and support each individual’s development  with the common goal of growth.

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti is Zerynth's HR Specialist. Her activities center on dealing with administration and human resources management. Degreed in Sociology and Social Research, she is passionate about work organization and joined the Zerynth Team with the aim of streamlining internal processes and helping the company to grow by adding new resources and promoting corporate culture. Curiosity: vegetarian.

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