Values, corporate culture, and team-building: why are they important in a company?

For a long time at  Zerynth, we have embarked on a path towards greater synergy and self-awareness for the entire team. Creating and sharing similar values is, in fact, essential for collaboration and working in a peaceful and cohesive environment.

On April 14, a workshop was held at the Zerynth offices in which we had the opportunity to discuss the values and importance of owning a solid corporate culture.

Together, with the entire Zerynth Team, thanks also to the participation of the People2Results work consultants, two working groups were created to reflect on the founding values of Zerynth and discuss the actions to be promoted to enhance corporate reality inside and outside. This resulted in excellent teamwork that allowed us to reflect together on the corporate reality that we experience every day as a team.

Figure 1. Team building moment during the values workshop

But what does it mean for us to live in Zerynth?

First, the Team was able to reflect on the founding values of the company, what we could define as our “trademark”, and what drives us every day to face new challenges and new projects.

A few months ago, the team was asked to answer some questions related to our internal perception of the company, which started a real process of self-awareness.

It resulted in the belief that the fundamental values of Zerynth are basically four: competence, innovation, concreteness, and focus on the customer.


The first value is competence: the quality of our solutions is the result of our knowledge, internal collaboration and the experience we have in the field.

For Zerynth, complexity is not an obstacle, but rather the incentive to always excel and give one’s best.


The second value is innovation, which for Zerynth is not the goal, but the tool for growth and creating value. Every day we work dynamically to make the customer the protagonist of his innovation.


Concreteness, the third value, means that as a team we are focused on the result and that is why we are committed to making our actions targeted and effective, as well as producing our solutions.

Focus on the customer 

Last, but not least, is the value of our focus on the customer. With us, every solution is designed and developed with a strong focus on the customer and his needs, both to simplify his work and to help him achieve his strategic objectives.

Figure 2. Brainstorming on values in hybrid mode.

The working groups reflected on the four founding values of Zerynth, through brainstorming the actions to be promoted and valued inside and outside company offices. The Team, therefore, had the opportunity to think, firsthand, about the actions that accompany us in both company and group life, and that must be promoted by the team members.

Reflecting on values for greater synergy in the future

This moment of reflection allowed the participants to propose new ideas on how to improve corporate life in Zerynth by drawing up the actions to be promoted and enhanced both inside and outside the offices, which reflect our corporate culture.

From this initial comparison, it is clear that the activities that the Zerynth Team wants to accomplish are primarily the identification of priorities, the definition of specific goals to be achieved, and the implementation of results-oriented activities.

Acting proactively on the company’s goals, critically analyzing innovations, and experimenting with non-traditional market targets is fundamental for collaboration to generate maximum benefit.

Sharing experiences and skills between the different teams foster innovation. Gathering and discussing information not only favors individual growth but more importantly collective growth, which manifests itself in the products delivered to the market.

From the brilliant work of Team Building it became apparent that, with respect to the characteristics of the organization, Zerynth offers attractive services for the customer in terms of proposed solutions, short entry to the market, and minimum effort for the customer. Our company, in fact, is a rapidly expanding reality in which our mission and vision are felt equally by everyone.

In addition, Zerynth’s Team is proud of the awards that the company has managed to obtain over the years, and this is nothing more than an exhortation to always give one’s best.

Figure 3. Christmas dinner and team building.

From the brainstorming sessions, it emerged how the workplace at Zerynth is experienced by everyone as creative and dynamic, where agile methodologies, new approaches, and working with cross-functional teams are applied.

Our milieu is friendly and has an international atmosphere, thanks to colleagues from various countries. The work context is perceived as a place where managers support the development of their collaborators, with a strong orientation towards feedback, an acknowledgment of individual efforts, but also, of the results obtained by the workgroup.

Work, done under flexible conditions is considered challenging due to the diversity of products and activities offered by Zerynth and is rewarded for achieving goals. There is also a strong emphasis on teamwork and tangible leadership opportunities, with younger employees given key responsibilities right from the start.

Managing these issues effectively produces numerous benefits, both for the company and employees. For this reason, the Zerynth Team is working to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the work environment and can communicate the company’s internal values outside the workplace, translating the distinctive aspects of the company that set us apart and motivate us every day into action.

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About the Author: Isabella Ripamonti

Isabella Ripamonti
Isabella Ripamonti is Zerynth's HR Specialist. Her activities center on dealing with administration and human resources management. Degreed in Sociology and Social Research, she is passionate about work organization and joined the Zerynth Team with the aim of streamlining internal processes and helping the company to grow by adding new resources and promoting corporate culture. Curiosity: vegetarian.

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